Colin Powell: Stop Calling Yourself a Republican

    On Sunday’s Face the Nation, Colin Powell went on the defensive. Apparently Mr. Powell doesn’t like the fact that Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh have called him out on essentially throwing the Republican party under the bus. In addition to voting for Obama, Powell freely admits to voting for Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter. Stating that he believes in voting for the best person for the | Read More »

    Senator Jim Webb: A bleeding heart advocate for criminals

    In this Sunday’s Parade magazine, Virginia Democrat Senator Jim Webb criticizes the United States for having the largest prison population in world. He states either we (the United States) are the most evil people on earth or we’re doing something very wrong by putting so many people behind bars.   Jim Webb seems to view many criminals as not harmful to society but victims of a dysfunctional and unfair justice system.  He | Read More »


    Ashley Judd: An Aging Hollywood Starlet’s Guide to Regaining Relevancy

    Hollywood is a cruel place. One day you are Ashley Judd, the fresh faced it girl. A few years later, you’re an over-the-Hollywood-hill, forty-something, actress struggling to maintain relevancy in a world which puts the highest premium on newness. What does an actress do when she’s too old to be the it girl, but still too attractive to get cast in roles reserved for older | Read More »

    John McCain suffering from political Stockholm Syndrome?

    The Washington Post’s headlines blare Senate Gets Reacquainted with McCain the Maverick. John McCain is at it again, hand-slapping Republicans for delaying Hillary Clinton’s confirmation. Sen. John Cornyn wanted to delay the vote in order to examine Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation foreign donors. McCain publicly scolded Republicans like Sen. John Cornyn for having the audacity to ask questions instead of blindly jumping on the liberal | Read More »