Baltimore: The Aftermath

    With the likelihood (hopefully) that the rioting in Baltimore is over, thanks to the National Guard patrolling the streets alongside local law enforcement, there are several questions one has to ask about the aftermath. Appeasement The “protesting” had been occurring for a week by the time the rioting started on Monday. However, with the high likelihood of escalation, the liberal mayor of Baltimore is on record | Read More »

    The Left’s Hypocrisy Over Discrimination

    With all of this hoopla surrounding the Indiana RFRA law, a reasonable person would have to expect that there was indeed some merit to this claim of discrimination within the law. The only problem is that most of the left have not bothered to read the law. (It’s only four pages.) Then they want to talk about what might happen instead of the actual content | Read More »

    Freedom of Religion

    Freedom of Religion

    The one thing about the RFRA law passed in Indiana, and now more recently in Arkansas, is that I am going to ask why? Why do we have to have our religious freedom “restored” in this country. According to the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… Now, | Read More »

    “Play by The Rules”

    Just when I thought I would move onto other aspects of my day, I see this link posted on and made the decision to click on it. It originally returned a blank screen, but I was undaunted as my curiosity was piqued.  I went to the White House website and found this link. About midway down it gives you the opportunity to share the | Read More »

    The Liberal Conundrum

    With today’s proclamation that the Constitution be damned, Congress is irrelevant, and the will of the people is what he says it is, Obama is going on television tomorrow night to state why he is going to provide amnesty for the 11 million+ criminals who are here. We have heard all of the lies: “…a humanitarian crisis…”; “…the right thing to do…”; etc. This has | Read More »

    The Mindless Liberal

    I came across this link from a progressive who tried to explain what it means to be a Republican or how one can become a Republican. Then I noticed the date and could tell that the author was indeed living with a total disconnect from reality. The mindless liberal will – Use Fear Joe Biden – “…going to put ya’ll back in chains…” when talking | Read More »

    Entitlement v/s Empowerment

    With the recent title wave, the Democrats are in search of some justification on what to blame – more likely who to blame – for their resounding defeat. The Democrats need to only look in the mirror to see the real culprit for their overwhelming defeat. Entitlement Americans elected Obama twice on the premise of what he would give to people. There are a whole | Read More »

    Obama: The Unrepentant Ideologue

    As many new outlets are reporting, the Republicans have been granted an audience with “the Anointed One”, reasonable people would like to hope that a divided government would give birth to the lost art of compromise. The problem is Obama has never believed in compromise. Remember, he “won” twice. The delusions were also quite evident when he pointed out that two-thirds of the electorate did | Read More »

    Liberals: A Textbook Case of Clinical Obsession

    A friend posted this link to an article on a liberal website that tries to educate the public on why they should vote Democrat today. Obama has been president since 2009 and they are fitting the textbook definition of being clinically obsessed with Bush. The author tries to make a clear case for voting Democrat. The problem is that none of the circumstances he lists | Read More »

    Democrats: The Anti-______ Party

    As you head to the polls tomorrow, the one thing everyone should keep in mind is NOT what the media is telling you – because an educated public would simply laugh the Democrats out of office. They need NOT remember what politicians are saying – because most politicians will tell you whatever they have to in order to get elected. What they need to remember is | Read More »