The Art of Being Offended

    The Jews have a long standing tradition of humor that some scholars say goes back to the Hebrew Bible. There are scholarly theologians that can cite passages from the New Testament that they say are humorous renditions of Christian teachings. While Muslims are eager to tell you that the Koran is also filled with humorous references, they will tell you at the same time that | Read More »

    The Art of Being Offended: Part One

    Our Victim Culture The victim culture in this country has been turning out countless numbers of indignant sufferers who can cry out their personal brand of injustice with the convincing wail of a child that dropped their ice cream scoop onto the sidewalk. These martyrs have gotten so good that they could start their own professional league. It’s practically a spectator sport as it is. | Read More »

    Donald Trump: Making a case for court jesters and rodeo clowns.

      You either love him or hate him. In any given hour of the day, his name is on the lips of some politician or media talking head. I haven’t seen this much celebrity notoriety since Charlie Sheen launched his incomprehensible “My Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour to an incredulous public. Winning was never like this. Donald Trump’s remarks on immigration may not have that | Read More »

    Pope Francis and Climate Science: BFF

      Progressives love mocking devoutly religious people. With their smug, snarky, I’m-so-much-smarter condescension, they’ve taken a perverse glee in characterizing the religious right as backwards anti-science luddites. But times have changed. The Left has a new friend in Pope Francis, who has come out in support of the science of manmade climate change. And wouldn’t you know it, progressive everywhere have suddenly gotten religion. It’s | Read More »

    Al Sharpton, Supercop

    Good morning Baltimore. Crime is up and arrests are down. Residents are afraid to go outside following the recent surge in homicides, the worst in 15 years. But have no fear, Al Sharpton has come to the rescue to bring peace and harmony to the mean streets of a city near you. America’s law-and-order champion has been calling for the deployment of a federal police | Read More »

    Stop Me Before I Vote Again

    Hillary Clinton has been calling for sweeping changes in the way that private citizens choose to get involved in the political process. Yes, I know, the term is “campaign finance reform.” She went so far as to say that she’d be willing to support a Constitutional amendment to “reform” the way voters spend their money in political campaigns. She’s not the only Democrat who feels | Read More »

    Sixties Radicals, A Generation of Pretenders

    Back in the Sixties, there was a popular bumper sticker slogan that read “question authority.” In that dubious era of phony psychedelic bohemians and inane pseudo-revolutionaries, it was one of the few pieces of advice I took seriously. Even today it remains good advice, and perhaps even more so. Questioning authority lies at the foundation of how and why this country was formed. The War | Read More »

    Ted Cruz, In the Line of Fire

      I occasionally like to cite the old saying, “If you’re not getting flak, you’re not over the target.” Applicable in so many situations, it can now be applied to ’s recent announcement that he’s running for president. At this early stage of the game, I’m not so interested in his platform, or his political record. But watching the criticism from the Democrats alongside the | Read More »

    Flushing Out the Left

    In spite of the overwhelming success of American Sniper, it received only one Oscar out of the six categories for which it was nominated. It was a consolation prize most likely—one that allowed the Academy to maintain their façade of integrity, while not causing Hollywood liberals’ heads to explode. But this isn’t about the public sensation the film has become. It’s about another phenomenon: the | Read More »

    Who Are Terrorists Targeting? The Left

    The recent terrorist attacks in Paris once again pose a question that seldom gets discussed. To whom are these attacks aimed? Is it Christians? Jews? Non-Muslims in general? Could it be Western democracies or Western society as a whole? As media pundits shed their crocodile tears and two-faced politicians dramatize their insincere outrage, every Islamic terrorist since 9-11 knows very well who their targets are. | Read More »