Ted Cruz, In the Line of Fire

      I occasionally like to cite the old saying, “If you’re not getting flak, you’re not over the target.” Applicable in so many situations, it can now be applied to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz95%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard95%’s recent announcement that he’s running for president. At this early stage of the game, I’m not so interested in his platform, or his political record. But watching | Read More »

    Flushing Out the Left

    In spite of the overwhelming success of American Sniper, it received only one Oscar out of the six categories for which it was nominated. It was a consolation prize most likely—one that allowed the Academy to maintain their façade of integrity, while not causing Hollywood liberals’ heads to explode. But this isn’t about the public sensation the film has become. It’s about another phenomenon: the | Read More »

    Who Are Terrorists Targeting? The Left

    The recent terrorist attacks in Paris once again pose a question that seldom gets discussed. To whom are these attacks aimed? Is it Christians? Jews? Non-Muslims in general? Could it be Western democracies or Western society as a whole? As media pundits shed their crocodile tears and two-faced politicians dramatize their insincere outrage, every Islamic terrorist since 9-11 knows very well who their targets are. | Read More »

    The New American Civil War

    by Chris Shugart If our country were a marriage, there’d be a lot of people asking for a divorce right now. And we know how messy those can be. When irreconcilable differences go unresolved between spouses, one or both parties may seek to dissolve the marriage. On a national level, history has shown us that unresolved differences can lead to war. Which is a little | Read More »

    When Playing the Nazi Card, At Least Get It Right

    Using the Nazi analogy to discredit political opponents is a popular game that seems to work best as a substitute for honest criticism. Although such comparisons usually do little more than expose one’s ignorance of the actual history of the Third Reich, it doesn’t mean that valid comparisons don’t exist. Within the right context, similarities can be drawn, Godwin’s Law be damned. Actually, there’s only | Read More »

    We’re All Infants Now

    by Chris Shugart Bear with me as I relate an incident I witnessed a couple of years ago; an important point lies at the end of this true story. I was standing in the checkout line at a Barnes & Noble bookstore when I noticed a mother pushing her two toddlers through the store in one of those tandem strollers. One child began moaning, not | Read More »

    Enemies of the State

    by Chris Shugart Totalitarian nations, dictatorships, and police states don’t happen overnight. They start out as supposedly good ideas with considerable support from the citizenry. In fact, history shows that in the beginning, despots and tyrants are often viewed as heroic protectors, benevolent rulers, welcomed with fanfare and open arms—champions of the people. But eventually, average citizens wake up one day amidst chaos and decay, | Read More »

    Senator Barbara Boxer, Obsessive-Compulsive

    by Chris Shugart Freudian psychoanalysis doesn’t ordinarily figure into my vocabulary. But in this case I think “anal retentive” best describes Senator Barbara Boxer’s recent introduction of Senate Bill 2047. It’s called Protecting Children From Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act of 2014. The name says it all. When it comes to obsessive-compulsive micromanagement, the nanny-staters could fill the case loads of every therapist in Washington. And | Read More »

    Minimum Wage: Do the Math

    by Chris Shugart Last month, President Obama decreed by executive order to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors. This week he continues to campaign for support of a Congressional bill that would raise the minimum wage nationwide. As the debate rages on, we are at least reminded of the math illiteracy we face in our schools and society. It also serves as evidence that | Read More »

    The Non Religious Winter Birth Diorama

    by Chris Shugart It’s become the most politically incorrect time of the year. More and more, timid holiday revelers feel compelled to avoid any and all Christian references connected to the—uh—season. It was Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly that popularized the term “War on Christmas” about a decade ago, and it continues to be an annual battle that shows no signs of letting up. Always | Read More »