Petition for Obama’s Birth Proof

    We The People have organized a website for petitioning congress to get Obama to give proof he is a U.S. citizen. Here is the link They have 83,000 signatures so far. They will also send letters to your senators and representatives. Go there and sign today!

    Sen Obama you are scaring the folks

    Yesterday I posted a letter titled A Letter from An American Woman on this site. I also sent it for publication in my local newspaper. I didn’t know it was published until I received a phone call last night from a stranger, a local man in his 80’s. He was crying. He called to thank me for writing the letter and that he was choked | Read More »

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    Letter from an American Woman

    A Letter From an American Woman I am writing this letter because I can no longer stand to stay silent about what I see happening in my precious country. I have been many things in my 51 years. I have been an Independent, Democrat and a Republican. I have been poor, wealthy, and middle class. I have been a Jew and a Christian. I have | Read More »