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    If the Election Were Held Today…

    Everyone would be surprised.   That’s really all you can say. Whether it’s on news sites, Twitter or on Redstate, we are inundated with endless polls, surveys and studies declaring that if their guy doesn’t win, we’re all screwed.  They are never accurate to predict future results. History is extremely clear on that. Why should this be different? Imagine how much better a place this | Read More »

    Why Romney Can Win. Seriously.

    I’m not a Romney fan. Yes, I’m a Mormon. I actually liked Newt before he let his inner Tasmanian Devil out¹ and I’m pretty ambivalent right now. My personal choice isn’t running (Jindal) so I’m left with the 3 yokels before us. But yes, Virginia, Mitt Romney can win and I’ll tell you why. How does the average American think (or will be made to | Read More »

    The Drilling Won’t Help Lie

    For decades we’ve had the same theater played every year or two. People complain about gas prices, Republicans say we need to drill more, Democrats say it will take too long.  Plenty of others have pointed out ad infinitum how we’d be feeling the benefits of 20 years of drilling if we’d started when we wanted to do so. The problem is that the populace | Read More »

    5 Reasons I Like Newt and 5 Reasons He Won’t Win

    Newt is my preferred candidate of the candidates currently in the race. I even sent his campaign some money.  There are good reasons to like Newt and here are 5, in no particular order: Newt understands coalition building on issues. It’s how he spearheaded the 1994 takeover of congress and it’s the basis of the Contract For America. The way he looks at issues upon | Read More »