What Gay Marriage is not a Constitutional Right

    We here in the news and from a number of lawyers and citizens different ideas about what civil rights are and on what basis to judge what is or is not a Constitutional Right.  The answer, as I will lay out, is straight forward and clear. Our founding fathers had a clear definition of what rights should be guaranteed by the Constitution and should be decided | Read More »

    Why Romney lost and Obama won

    Several months ago I said there were 3 key group that Romney needed to pander to if he was to win the election.  I was dead right, and this is why Romney lost. 1.  First are hispanics.  Romney got a significantly lower percentage of the hispanic vote than McCain and Bush recieved.  Why?  As I said months ago, Romney needed to reach out to hispanic | Read More »

    Roberts was right

    I was shocked to see the decision 1-4-4, with a decision by Roberts essentially being written with a majority of 1.  The opinions make it clear that the liberal judges on the court felt that the commerce clause allows the government to do basically whatever it wants in terms of forcing people to buy a service.  On the other hand, the conservatives took the possition | Read More »

    In Light of Obama’s Flip-Flops; Romney is a Steady Hand

    I never thought I would find that Mitt Romney would be more consistant than any opponent he ever would run against; however, that is now the case.  Mitt Romney had his past flip-flops on abortion, taxes, marriage, and healthcare.  In fairness to Romney, all these flip-flops took place during his 4 years as Governor — the only time he served in public office.  It makes | Read More »

    Top VP Choices for Romney

    There is an 80% chance that this election will be close; a 10% chance Romney will win in a landslide, and a 10% chance that Obama will win with a solid victory.  At this point, it is impossible for Obama to win a landslide due to a number of states where Obama would lose an election against a dead tree stump.  The VP choice Romney | Read More »

    What qualities should Romney look for in a VP?

    In 2008, McCain faced a very difficult choice of who to have as his VP.  He wanted someone who would both gain the full support of conservatives, and who would also help McCain with women and moderates.  So he made a bold choice and picked Palin.  He aimed very high, and missed.  Bush had the support of moderates and the base and was able to | Read More »

    Why Santorum should stay in

    In the 1980 presidential primary Georage H.W. Bush lost to Ronald Reagan in his home state of TX.  Bush had also lost his home state in a Senate Race previousily.  History has shown that someone can lose a race for the senate in their home state and lose a primary in their own state and come back to be the future nominee.  Based on that | Read More »

    Romney’s huge PA mistake

    The Romney team has made a huge rookie mistake in its election campaign.  I have long said that no politician is ever helped by losing his home state in a primary.  In the case of Rudy, I said he needed to drop out before NY because of the damage of losing it.  I have had the same opinion, and continue to hold it.  Santorum would | Read More »

    Pennsylvania is a must-win for Santorum

    Demographically, Pennsylvania is a state that Romney should win.  However, it is also Santorum’s home state.  At issue will be a critical question of: will voters who ideallogically are closer to Romney vote for Romney, or will they vote Santorum as their homestate boy.  This is no small question, as it asks whether issues matter more or people.  If issues matter more, the more liberal | Read More »

    2012 Poll Numbers show Obama beating Romney

      The three key states that the GOP must win to have a chance to beat Obama are: Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.  The latest polling data from Quinnipac shows the following: Virginia: Obama 50, Romney 42 Florida: Obama 49, Romney 42 Ohio: Obama 47, Romney 41 When breaking down the polls, when voters were asked about the favorability of the Democratic Party, they were split | Read More »