Irritist Threat Exposed

    HEAD MUSCLE PRESS (14 Sept): In an unexpected press conference earlier today,  the President announced a new national security initiative which he claims will target the growing “irritist    threat” here in the United States and abroad.  “This initiative marks a critical transition from our current operations abroad to a more immediate and pressing menace,” Obama stated to a group of  hastily assembled reporters and | Read More »

    Charisma is Content for Socialists

    I could not help but note the below picture in today’s Drudge Report. As I looked at our President’s image, it reminded me of something that I could not quite put my finger on. Then it hit me. Being somewhat of a history buff, I realized that this very same photo had been taken many times throughout the decades.  Oddly enough however, the only images | Read More »

    Obama’s Health Care Formula

    Dear Mr. President, I have been following the health care debate for the past couple of months and wanted to take this opportunity to offer you some advice. It has been my observation that the reason you are failing to win support for your plan, is that you have been unable to concisely convey your true intent.  So as a fan, and somewhat of a | Read More »