i am a double army brat. i'm proud of it. my mom sometimes outranked my dad and i'm proud of that too. i am allergic to capital letters most of the time, unless i'm trying to be erudite. i live in west virginia freely of my own accord. in other words, i was not born here, even tho my son is about to marry a girl whose grandmother shares his last name. laugh if you must. i am listed in the national merit scholarship who's who of high school students, when it was only one book for the whole country. a long time ago. it says i dropped out my senior year, which is not true, i actually graduated!!! i never went to college. i had four brothers. they went to college. i was a girl, it was not a priority still am...a girl, i mean.... :) pretty much everything i know, i taught myself. then i taught my kids. it's worked so far.... :)


    i am not authorized to comment on this post

    hello, redstate…hi hello how are ya??? and so on….hell for severtal weeks, if not months, i have been unable to post comments here, on account of…according to the message i receive every time i try….i am not authorized to comment on this post…. i’m not a bigtime writer, here…..neither am i a prolific commenter….but sometimes, i think i have something to say, and i kinda | Read More »

    for getting educated on the global warming debate, chuckie recommends….part two….

    well….they published the diary….but i can’t comment on it……seriously beginning to believe i can’t even trust the trusty old redstate people…. if you have a problem with me, i would really appreciate it if you would take the time to inform me of it… does get tiresome reading the “you do not have permission to post on this thread” response, every time i try to | Read More »

    to really understand the global warming debate, chuckie recommends….

    reading science fiction….not the algore kind of science fiction, but the kind represented by larry niven, jerry pournelle, and some guy named michael flynn, of whom i have never heard of otherwise (yeah i know i put too many ofs in that sentence)…..people who write fiction that is based on REAL SCIENCE…..people who are scrupulous to be sure of ALL the details….niven and pournelle are | Read More »

    the big brown wave of the future

    Being stuck here in the middle of the Great Large Massive Power Outage of 2012, having lost all the food in a 22cu freezer and a 23 cu refrigerator, and spent a very nice few hours bonding with my younger son catching water from the downspouts into buckets to use for flushing the toilets, etc, I suddenly came to the realization that this is, in fact, | Read More »

    i am bean peaced off…really peaced off..

    ….(bean a reaction to the DOJ dropping the charges against certain disgusting thugs, without any explanation or justification whatsoever,thereby letting them get away with the most reallest “voter intimidation” tactics ever employed in modern times in this country….and the toadal lack of press time devoted to this story….) ……however. living as i do in west virginia…..i won’t have the opportunity of dressing up in clan gowns | Read More »

    not having a strong stomach, i tried to avoid the 100 day press conference…unfortunately….

    …i got exposed to one memorable line about people who had refinanced their mortgages at a lower rate, that this was “effectively another tax cut”….i guess he must have been listing his famous tax cuts…or something… ….but wait…if you reduce the interest you pay on your mortgage, doesn’t that kinda lead to reducing the deduction you can take on your taxes if you itemize..which would | Read More »


    Is Your Iraq Vet Being Hounded Like This, Too?

    When Sgt. Dave – my son – was discharged from the Army in 2006, we knew there would be the inevitable calls from recruiters. The National Guard. The Active Reserve. And, of course, regular Army recruiters hoping to re-enlist him. Some of these offered pretty large inducement packages, but Sgt. Dave was able to resist the temptation. After a while, the calls became less frequent, | Read More »


    Senator Caroline WHO???

    When I was young, my name was (not really) Chuckie Smith.  When I got married, my name changed to (not really) Chuckie Jones. Does Caroline Schlossberg (that’s my best approximation, you never really see her real name much) deserve a Senate seat? Good question. Her claim to fame then…she raised children?  Oh really.  I raised children also.  I lost all my potential Social Security benefits | Read More »

    NFL to Adopt Obama “Redistribution Plan”

    dateline: toadlynotrealnews,October 29,2008, (me) reporting In a surprise announcement this morning, NFL spokesperson Nina Allenburger said: “In today’s football world, we have too much disparity between the ‘name brand’ ‘popular’ players, and the third or fourth string ‘generic’ players. We in the NFL realize that the fans come to the games to see their favorite big stars, so that’s who we put on the field. | Read More »


    in 2000 ad, chuckie worked in the kitchen of a restaurant chain as a prep cook. this was to help cover the 100% justified and toadally reasonable” increase in premiums brought about by having two teenage male drivers in our household. but let me not go there, yes? i was one of two prep cooks on the staff. we shall call the other….hhmmmm….how about beverly, | Read More »