not having a strong stomach, i tried to avoid the 100 day press conference…unfortunately….

…i got exposed to one memorable line about people who had refinanced their mortgages at a lower rate, that this was “effectively another tax cut”….i guess he must have been listing his famous tax cuts…or something…

….but wait…if you reduce the interest you pay on your mortgage, doesn’t that kinda lead to reducing the deduction you can take on your taxes if you itemize..which would lead to paying higher taxes…?…but surely, i digress….

…when we refinanced our mortgage in 03, GWB never tried to take credit for it, calling it a tax cut…oh, but i digress again…..

…when i use my handy dandy kroger card, which magically reduces the price i pay for many items, it also results in me paying a few cents less sales tax…is this, in Barry’s opinion, a “tax cut”…?…

……when i fill up my car at sheetz, instead of across the street at exxon, is this, in Barry’s opinion, a “tax cut”…?…

…looks to me like this…

… here we have a guy who thinks anyone who reduces household expenses, by way of refinancing or otherwise, is experiencing a “tax cut”….no wonder he said he would provide tax cuts for 95% of us….he’s forcing us to find ways to save, and by saving, we are therefore definitionally – at least according to his definition – experiencing “tax cuts”…

..only i seem to remember…i know i’m old and my memory does not always serve me correctly, but i’m pretty sure i remember somebody saying that if my household income was under 250K, that we would not see any tax increase of ANY kind…i think the money quote was ” not one dime”….

….this worries me, because i do our family’s tax returns, and apparently i am unaware of better than 200K of income…which could be a bad thing….because of one of the first things this man did was raise our taxes 60 cents a pack….little more than a dime, i think, but then, i probbly digress again….

please please pretty please don’t anyone anywhere ever say to this man, “A penny saved is a penny earned”….okay???….cause of i don’t want the IRS on my butt just cause of my handy dandy kroger card…..

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