well….they published the diary….but i can’t comment on it……seriously beginning to believe i can’t even trust the trusty old redstate people….

if you have a problem with me, i would really appreciate it if you would take the time to inform me of it…..it does get tiresome reading the “you do not have permission to post on this thread” response, every time i try to comment..

forgive me for using this forum to try to get through to you…..i have done the “contact us” thing several times, with no response….there are probably other people out there who have similar difficulties with redstate, but you won’t see them commenting on this thread, because they “do not have permission to post on this thread…”……just like me……


Susan Wright

somehow, i have been cut off, aka “shut up,” and there is no way of knowing how many others have been cut off in the same way….it just does not look good, for a site that’s supposed to be about free expression of conservative thought……

again, thanks to anyone who takes the time to look into this, and hopefully fix it…..