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    Coin vs. tax

    The Cap and Trade and Fair Tax ideas both ignore coining money, I notice. I don’t know why, but it seems they think the government needs the money, when it does not. It coins the money. What’s the reason for taxes, I wonder? Putting your petty cash in the bank keeps it in circulation, so it’s not about conservation. Maybe it’s a tradition left over | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, energy independence

    McCain calls his energy plan the Lexington Project because it’s for the U. S. to get energy independence. He wants to increase domestic oil exploration and natural gas exploration. He wants a tax credit for buying a zero carbon emission car. He wants a $300 million prize to improve battery technology. He supports flex-fuel vehicles, whatever they are. He wants more effective penalties for car | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, Education

    McCain wants public support for a child’s education to follow that child into the school the parents choose, including their own homes, for well-educated children. He wants federal financial support to move from school to school with the child.( Well, the teacher’s income being based on the number of students is something I oppose. It isn’t safe for the teacher or the teacher’s dependants. I’m | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, Agricultural Policies

    From what I read, I think McCain wants to expand overseas markets to American farmers. He thinks farmers suffering from droughts, floods or other natural disasters should be assisted. He won’t give welfare to corporations, or rich farms, but will provide small farmers with a reasonable safety net. He believes scientific research could yield higher crop yields and drought resistant crops. He wants farmers to | Read More »

    Reading about Alan Keyes, pro-life Republican

    According to what’s left of his web site, Keyes is a principled conservative. He’s been running for the Republican nomination for President, and his web site now has a link to an Independent party web site. He thinks the path of hope is for people to depend on God.( In his statement submitted to California’s Secretary of State, he said he opposes abortion and opposes | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, Space Program

    I read today that McCain sponsored legislation authorizing funding for returning to the Moon and preparing for a manned mission to Mars, because Americans have curiosity and like exploring, and because he believes the space program helps innovation and US security. The web site also says He favors ensuring NASA’s funding is being used well. ( I’ve only seen one moon in the sky at | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, Natural Heritage

    I think McCain favors the conservation movement and also favors government departments trying to take care of the environment. I think McCain believes both hunting and fishing help the market keep species of wild life from going extinct by efforts to restock the hunting grounds and fishing spots. I think McCain hopes the cap-and-trade tax will help fund our national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web page, Ethics Reform

    I think McCain considers accepting or demanding bribes from grant and/or job recipients to be wrong, and calls such funds “pork barrel earmarks,” and I think he also opposes bribes from rich people and from labor unions and considers lobbyists to be a nuisance. I think his web site says he will veto pork barrel earmarks and expose those trying to get bribes, and that | Read More »

    How to stop the bag tax

    From what I understand, Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2008-2009 Budget for California includes a 10-percent across-the-board spending reduction, because he wants there to be a linkage between tax revenues and spending. He wants to sell bonds to avoid a shortfall in California’s cash reserves but does not seem to want to use any of that income to pay back old bonds. Instead, he wants to reduce spending.( | Read More »

    Reading McCain’s web site, Judicial Philosophy

    I think McCain believes some judges have not always based their decisions on the law. An example of such a decision is Roe v. Wade, yet their decisions have somehow been followed. He believes one thing the President could do about this problem is to appoint judges who have a record of “following the law.”( Well, I think McCain’s judicial appointees wouldn’t dare touch the | Read More »