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    ​Harry Reid may be my new hero.

    But I’m not really sure yet – its complicated. The word is that his version of the obamacare bill is going to allow states to opt out. The little weasel is taking this approach to offset resistance in Nevada so he can get re-elected. “We’ve spent countless hours over the last few days in consultation with senators who’ve shown a genuine desire to reform the | Read More »

    Blackface doesn’t always equal racism

    Blackface, when it is used to ridicule or denigrate is certainly racist in my view.  However, if it is used in other ways, it is not.  For example, the movie “Black like me” did a good job of causing some people to understand what it was like to be Black in America at one time and hopefully changed the views of some people to be | Read More »

    Are McDonald’s hiring practices discriminatory?

    There is a McDonalds in my neighborhood which I have been patronizing for about 10 years. I go there about 3-4 times per month. In all those years the store has always been extremely well-run, clean, convenient and my order has not been screwed up even once. FYI, I rarely order anything in the standard configuration – I don’t like pickles, onions, etc. When I | Read More »

    ​Tax the rich! Thats the solution.

    First though, we have to figure out who the rich are.  Well, that’s easily defined.  Anyone with more money than you. So if your neighbor has more money than you do he should be the one paying the taxes because he can afford it more easily than you can.  Right?  Good.  We’ve settled that. There’s an article in the The New York Post today which is | Read More »

    Should the FED be setting salaries for corporations?

    The short answer is I’m not sure.  For me, it depends on several things about which I am completely ignorant.  Nevertheless, I have an opinion or two. Where does the FED derive it’s authority to set salaries? If the authority derives from agreements (made at the time the FED loaned money to them) with the corporations, then yes they have the authority.  If the corporations | Read More »

    ​The Megan Williams Hoax – keeping racism alive.

    The “Reverend” Al Sharpton quick study.  You would think that after the Tawana Brawley and The Duke LaCrosse  incidents he would have learned to practice a modicum of restraint.  You might think that, but you’d be wrong.  That’s because Sharpton makes his living from gullible African-Americans and the extortion of cowardly corporations.  And he has honed his scam to a fine point – naturally, he’s | Read More »

    Obama bluffed and then folded.

    The Obama Administration took a stand against FOX news yesterday.  It was a bluff..  NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN called his bulff and Obama folded.  And when he folded, he did it like a spoiled child. The Administration advised the major news media that it would make it’s Pay Czar, Ken Feinberg, available for a “round robin” series of interviews by all of the major | Read More »

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    ​You can’t have it both ways.

    The idea that when government steps in to protect you from yourself it is repugnant and overstepping its boundaries doesn’t fit with support for government intervention in other individuals lives.  One of governments roles is to protect us from others.  That is valid and useful.  But when government forces itself and its rules on an individuals right to live freely it is not useful and, | Read More »

    Stop worrying about illegal immigration

    Those who sneak over the border or overstay their visas generally do it to seek employment.  Obamas plan to turn the US into Zimbabwe will keep out the illegal immigrants.  After all, you don’t see anyone sneaking over the border into Zimbabwe do you? In fact, lets compare Barack Obama to Robert Mugabe. From Wikipedia: Mugabe’s government supported the Southern African Development Community‘s intervention in the Second Congo War; | Read More »

    ​The Colonialism enigma.

    America was discovered and initially populated by colonialists.  It’s constitution was written by colonialists.  In almost all the cases I can recall around the world colonialists were white, Christian,  Western Europeans.  America’s rise to the heights it has risen to are a direct result of white, Christian, Western European Colonialism. That is not to say that the melding which occurred over the years of different | Read More »