Partner at Silver Bullet LLC, I have been working in and around politics for over two decades, all around the country. Graduate of BYU, former White House staffer, and now owner of multiple small businesses.


    No Labels should rethink position

    Thomas Jefferson did a lot of writing on both the wisdom and folly of the party system in the newly-born American nation. In a letter to John Taylor, he had this to say about the wisdom of political parties: “In every free and deliberating society, there must, from the nature of man, be opposite parties, and violent dissensions and discords; and one of these, for | Read More »

    Cut 5% Now!

    Sometimes the greatest threats to an organization (or even a nation) are internal dangers from within, not external threats from enemies. The internal threat of ever-growing budget deficits and our massive national debt may very well outweigh any nefarious intentions posed by external forces.  This is not just about money; this red ink is lethal in its own way.  Every day, more Americans are more | Read More »