I am a veteran, scholar, and political activist. I am the son of a preacher from the plains of Nebraska, and a strong principled conservative who holds the values of God, Family, and Country most dear. I express these values through my advocacy of faith, family, and freedom through grassroots organization and seminars on faith's engagement in politics. I currently reside in Shelby, Ohio with my wife Mandi (of 10 years) and our five children (No, we aren


    The Myth of Bipartisanship

    Every election cycle I hear it. “I am so tired of politicians fighting, why can’t they just work together and do what is right for the country?” Right afterward, they sing kumbaya while watching Pollyanna. Of course, their friends agree. “You are SO right, we used to do things now it is toxic.” And so the myth gets perpetuated. Two myths actually and both are | Read More »

    Why We Remember…

    REPOST from Memorial Day. Happy 4th of July and as we celebrate with many fireworks…let us remember those who have fallen… Drip. Drip. Drip. As I stood in the rain on an afternoon in April, my thoughts were on how cold my rain-soaked uniform felt on my weary body as rain drops dripped from my headgear. We had been standing at attention for what seemed like | Read More »