Show Respect, Dude

    Like many Americans, I’ve spent the last several days in utter disgust at the thought we actually are forced to fund a government that employs people that deny veterans medical care and that some have died as a result.  None enlisted (or were drafted) believing that once their duty was complete, another enemy of sorts awaited at home.  Negligence and corruption have proven to be just as | Read More »

    Send support to Matt Bevin

    The Kentucky U.S. Senate GOP primary candidate, Matt Bevin, needs a flood of money now in order to get ads running to defeat Mitch McConnell.  Voters in Kentucky need to hold McConnell accountable for the multitude of failures in this gov’t.  Waste.  Fraud. Deliberate violation of our Constitution.  Enough is enough; step aside.  It’s time for fresh ideas, new approaches.  The status quo put forth by establishment | Read More »

    Honor Mothers, Pray for Families

    Millions of American Christians will gather in churches this morning to give thanks and praise to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Mothers will be honored and given special recognition for the love and dedication they offer their families every day.  This is an American tradition; a much loved event each May.  As we all remember the woman that gave each of us life, let | Read More »

    Celebrate the 225th Anniversary of George Washington’s Inauguration

    This is an excellent opportunity to participate in celebrating the 225th Anniversary of George Washington’s Inauguration as First President of the United States.  Visit: to watch live as members of Congress pray inside our Capitol and hear host Michelle Bachmann provide interesting information about the political and faith life of President Washington.  She will be joined by Former Gov. Mike Huckabee as emcee.  Sign | Read More »

    One Nation Under Allah?

    An article from written by Rick Wells has a lot of people in Colorado talking.  Aside from The Avalanche heading into Game 7 and the never-ceasing rehash of Peyton Manning’s fumble of the first snap of the Super Bowl, there are other issues that rile the blood of Centennial State residents.  As reported by Mr. Wells, The Pledge of Allegiance was recited at Rocky | Read More »