One Nation Under Allah?

An article from www.gopthedailydose.com written by Rick Wells has a lot of people in Colorado talking.  Aside from The Avalanche heading into Game 7 and the never-ceasing rehash of Peyton Manning’s fumble of the first snap of the Super Bowl, there are other issues that rile the blood of Centennial State residents.  As reported by Mr. Wells, The Pledge of Allegiance was recited at Rocky Mountain High School (RMHS) in Ft. Collins, CO, on Monday, but with a twist.  The student leading The Pledge deleted “God” and inserted “Allah”.   As expected, the incident sparked considerable controversy.  (No reports yet available from the crowd that wants “under God” removed altogether.  Perhaps the use of “Allah” is less offensive?)

There’s a bit of backstory that is relevant.  In January, 2013, a Muslim student at RMHS took a turn leading her classmates in The Pledge but did so in Arabic, which initiated uproar that made some national news.  Apparently, this high school only recites The Pledge of Allegiance on Mondays which is curious in itself to those of us that recited our Pledge every morning of every year in school without fail, while keeping an intent gaze upon the American flag displayed in every classroom.  The Arabic-speaking student noted in the January, 2013, incident and the student this week are both members of a student-initiated, student-led organization known as “Cultural Arms Club”.  Poudre School District spokesperson, Danielle Clark, has commented that since this student group is neither supported by the school district, nor has a faculty advisor, “We deferred to the students because it’s their deal.”  RMHS principal, Tom Lopez, has stated no effort to promote Islam, but rather permit members of Cultural Arms to “destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures”.  Of note, The Pledge of Allegiance at this school has been recited in Spanish and members of this club hope to offer recitations in other languages, such as Chinese.

Ft. Collins is also home to Colorado State University (CSU) and is a community of diversity and growing progressiveness.  Recently, an elaborate, 18,000 sq ft mosque and Islamic Center was built near the CSU campus to serve the approximately 2000 community and college Muslim residents.  In March, 2014, an open house was held to include tours of the gender specific rooms for cleansing the hands, feet and face before prayers, the separate kitchens for men and women and the plush prayer carpets.

Things are changing across our country, whether politically, culturally or in public education.  Tolerance, diversity and inclusion are buzz words that find their way into most every conversation these days.  As a Christian, I do wonder in this enlightened age of so much tolerance, if a group of kids at RMHS organized something like a Bible Information Club, if school officials would allow them to recite the 10 Commandments over the intercom, allowing them the slack of ‘it’s their deal’?  As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a believer that firearms safety should be an elective course in public schools, would any high school these days allow a Hunting  Club or Gun Safety Club?  If such a group were allowed, would they be able to wear t-shirts advocating 2nd Amendment rights, as young Muslim women are allowed to wear head coverings in school?  As a conservative that stands firmly in support of our Constitution and our founding principles, I wonder if our taxpayer-funded schools would tolerate a student advocacy group of the Constitution, and would a student representative be able to recite The Preamble or give a reading of our Amendments?

Just wondering how far the current agenda of tolerance, diversity and inclusion in our schools will be allowed to be tested….

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