Honor Mothers, Pray for Families

Millions of American Christians will gather in churches this morning to give thanks and praise to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Mothers will be honored and given special recognition for the love and dedication they offer their families every day.  This is an American tradition; a much loved event each May.  As we all remember the woman that gave each of us life, let us as God-fearing, peace-loving people, offer also a prayer for the mothers around the world that grieve today.  Whether it’s the mother of a slain soldier, the mother of a child dying in a hospital, the mother that waits for news about her child that is missing, whether here or in Africa, our Mother’s Day prayers should include those mothers that are touched by pain.

Hopefully, Mrs. Obama’s twitter campaign will do something to locate those little Christian girls in Africa taken by murderous thugs that have no value of life.  Still, they’ve been missing for a month and each moment they are lost is another moment of agony for their mothers.  Hopefully, this tragic situation will stir hearts around the world and the slaughter of Christians happening in Africa will cause the Obama’s, the Pope and other influential people to recognize our world is threatened and that we must be willing to confront it, not appease it.  Hundreds of examples similar to this kidnapping occur that never make headline news. World Watch Monitor reported on 11/30/13 that four Nigerian villages were essentially destroyed with houses burned, livestock killed and the worst news that approximately 40 innocent souls lost their lives, including pregnant women and children.  As they slept in their beds, they were terrorized in the dark of night before losing their lives.  Their crime?  They were Christians.  Around the same time period Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked other Nigerian villages where at least 71 Christians were murdered, many others suffering serious injuries.  Our churches aren’t praying for them, our media chooses instead to focus on vanity or defaming the name and character of anyone they deem deserving due to their faith or their values.  There is a crisis of humanity and we’re ignoring it.

God has shed His grace on America.  Men and women have fought and died under our flag so that we may be free.  Much sacrifice has been made throughout our history in order that we may worship the One True God as Christians, worship another god of our choosing or fight to have Satanic sculptures erected on government property.  Still others choose to deny the existence of a greater being.  As Christians, our Lord teaches us to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”. We are not called to murder those that opt for disbelief or believe differently.  Rather, we are to pray that they will have a change of heart, but at all times, love them as we love ourselves.

Let peace rule your hearts and minds today.  If you’re fortunate to be with your mother today or even talk to her on the phone, remember the blessing she is in your life.  Family still matters.  Mothers still are necessary in order that life goes on.  Pray for the Lord’s compassion on suffering mothers; that will help them far more than this or other internet postings.  Pray for renewal and respect for the family and the roles mothers and fathers are called to have, and certainly give thanks for mothers that have and will continue to devote their lives to their greatest blessing on Earth–their children.  God’s peace.

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