General Manager of C. A. Cooper Properties, LLC and partner in several companies and business ventures all involved in chemical processes or buying/selling/engineering of chemical/refining/plastics plants and equipment.


    The Truth About Maness

    I can read off reason after reason, but I will let his former campaign manager do the speaking… Quote As of man of integrity who will put principle above politics,

    Ron Paul – Rhetoric sure doesn’t match action

    When I saw this  a few days ago, I was not shocked in the least.  There is no doubt in my mind that the candidate would have knowingly approved

    State of Louisiana House Races

    Looks like only two races haven’t already been decided, so lets blow through the already decided races where I will not refer to funding.  Remember that state qualifying is just

    Louisiana Senate Fund Race

    After one candidate’s pre-primary was posted late, we now have the results of cash on hand by various candidates… Cassidy leads at $5.6 million, followed by Landrieu with $5.5 million

    Damning Report on EPA and Environmental Groups

    There isn’t much for me to say other than I am personally involved in the manufacturing business by offering process equipment for sale.  The majority of my clientele are small

    Louisiana Senate Fundraising Results

    Results at the end of 2nd Quarter show that only Landrieu and Cassidy have adequate funds to run statewide campaigns.  REMEMBER folks, all candidates are in the same primary, regardless

    Misinformation Regarding Canadian Crude Oil

    Bloggers and pundits don’t understand production rates, crude oil, refineries and transportation as exhibited recently by Gateway Pundit referring to this Breitbart article Here is a step by step

    Why We Should All Back Bill Cassidy

    The most recent reliable polling data was a semi-annual statewide poll by Magellan Strategies.  It was funded by Lane Grigsby and local (Baton Rouge) very active individual.  If you want

    State of Louisiana Senate Race

    A local (Baton Rouge based) conservative political activist commissions a semi-annual poll and publishes it.   His name is Lane Grigsby and he  owns Cajun Constructors, an industrial, offshore (Gulf of

    Say NO to any Paul for President

    Does anyone in their right mind think that free trade occurs in a vacuum without any military project of power by the U.S.?  If you do, you need to go