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    State of Crude Oil Refining in the U.S.

    Some folks are still all in a huff that we have not built a new refinery in the U.S. in decades. Yesterday I decided to do some checking about overall capacities in the 50 states of the United States and here are the changes that I found from 2002 to now. 2012/2002 – Refineries Operating – 134/144 (minus 6.9%) Refineries Idle – 10/9 (plus 11.1%) | Read More »

    Louisiana Senate Race

    After reading this article it was apparent to me to provide more info. For those of you with little knowledge of what has happened over the last decade in Louisiana Politics, including some of the ‘Front Page Writers’ I will now supply some very pertinent information. Pre-Katrina the state Democrat party had an absolute lock on New Orleans via electioneering (local ‘consultants’ had it | Read More »

    GTL, Refineries and Market of Products

    This is quite an interesting article about Sasol’s planned GTL plant near Lake Charles, LA. The video clip at the end of the article is informative to those who think ONLY of natural gas and oil as “energy.” The point is that any refinery which only considers making “energy” products during market analysis, may well go bankrupt rather quickly. There is very little profit | Read More »

    The Louisiana GOP Insiders

    Erick seems to be down on them, but guess who is helping this get legs? Those same Straw Men. In case you have not heard, there is a new PAC in town, the Free At Last PAC. See more at

    Texas’ Gunboats Rescue Border Patrol

    Yes that is correct, Texas had fast shallow draft boats with armor and full auto weapons first launched at the end of 2011, and began being placed on the border (Rio Grande) early in 2012. There are a total of 6 which work in conjunction with high tech helicopters. Each has 3 ea 300 HP outboard motors capable of 65 MPH and able to navigate | Read More »

    Why We Need to Include Synthetic Ethanol in RFS

    I would like to explain how Ben Howe (Redstate) and Jazz Shaw (Hotair) really are ignorant regarding their articles complaining about natural gas based ethanol being included in the renewable fuel standards. They simply do not have a clue and are both playing pied piper to those ignorant of such processes and reason for their use. Synthetic ethyl alcohol (ethanol) has been around and in | Read More »

    Filner – Typical Communist

    The news this morning that former congressman and now mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner admitted to sexual harassment charges. Filner’s lineage is that his father was head of Communist Party Pennsylvania and a leading figure in Communist Party USA.  Part of Filner’s reputation is that he came down to the South to “help” in the Civil Rights Movement. One thing that the VAST | Read More »

    Egypt – Morsi losing internally for months?

    There is a lot being discussed about the protests and the “friendly” military coup which took place today. For decades many if not most of major private enterprise in Egypt has been run by ex army officers, even those which are subsidiaries of foreign companies. This afternoon, I decided to check one of those companies and found its new CEO as of May 1st is | Read More »

    Why NOT to Support Jeff Landry

    I see that Freedom Works along with recommendations here and other websites are to support Jeff Landry in the newly redrawn 3rd Congressional District of Louisiana.   There have been wild claims that he is a “Tea Party” guy and that he supports the oil industry.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The first issue is Tea Party.  Let me explain what went down | Read More »

    Paul Loses Big in Home County

    That’s right folks, Ron Paul only received 22.67% of the vote in his home county, Bazoria, tonight. When you lose big at home, you are officially unelectable.  Not much else can be said.