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    Cassidy Now Leads Landrieu

    Two things about the most recent poll from Rasmussen, Mary cannot seem to break 40% which is not good for her, Cassidy is now at 44% still without widespread

    Maness Never was in the Race

    In spite of the fact that many in Louisiana have tried to give him the opportunity and exposure he continually shoots himself in the foot. I’m guessing that the latest

    We Don’t Need More Refineries

    I keep running across comments on numerous websites where several claim that the price of gasoline is high because we cannot build new refineries. The fact is that is flat

    Rob Maness Gets His Man Card Revoked

    The quick and dirty version is that a Louisiana conservative blog calls Landrieu out for her vote on change in filibuster rules of the senate with a photoshop of Mussolini

    LA 5th Congressional Special Election Yesterday

    In an open primary two Republicans head into the runoff after yesterday’s primary. The shocker of this race is not the leader, Neil Riser, who before many other Republicans jumped

    State of Crude Oil Refining in the U.S.

    Some folks are still all in a huff that we have not built a new refinery in the U.S. in decades. Yesterday I decided to do some checking about overall

    Louisiana Senate Race

    After reading this article it was apparent to me to provide more info. For those of you with little knowledge of what has happened over the last decade in

    GTL, Refineries and Market of Products

    This is quite an interesting article about Sasol’s planned GTL plant near Lake Charles, LA. The video clip at the end of the article is informative to those who

    The Louisiana GOP Insiders

    Erick seems to be down on them, but guess who is helping this get legs? Those same Straw Men. In case you have not heard, there is a new PAC

    Texas’ Gunboats Rescue Border Patrol

    Yes that is correct, Texas had fast shallow draft boats with armor and full auto weapons first launched at the end of 2011, and began being placed on the border