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    The Fiscal Quandary of Deficits and Reductions

    By Clark Barrow August 13, 2012 Despite all the talk about cutting spending and getting the U.S. federal government’s fiscal house in order, conservatives have failed to establish any policy victories.  Our debt is still growing. Yet, the slight reductions they have achieved in spending growth rates threaten to put millions out of work, highlighting the devastating economic quandary of either option. U.S. Congressional Republicans | Read More »


    By Clark Barrow August 3, 2012 Millions.  The failed Obama economy is having a painful impact on millions of Americans. Nearly 24 million people are currently unemployed or underemployed. Millions have given up even looking for a job, while others have found part-time work to help them scrape by.  Worst of all, this number is nearly the exact same as when President Obama took office. That’s | Read More »

    Regulation Tidal Wave

    By Clark Barrow July 31, 2012 A looming tax increase or the threat of higher unemployment usually receives a lot of attention in Washington, D.C. Many politicians can’t wait to lead a charge to avoid any hardship on the American families. But there is eerie silence on another front that is fast approaching our country: a tidal wave of costly federal regulations. According to an | Read More »

    The True Cost of Welfare

    By Clark Barrow July 24, 2012 Despite a 1,600 percent increase in welfare program spending, the number of poverty stricken Americans is approaching a record high. Truckloads of additional spending intended to help the poor have done little to lift them up. This brings the obvious question: Are these welfare programs actually reducing poverty? A recent survey of economic experts by the Associated Press found | Read More »

    Impending Jobs Crisis

    By Clark Barrow July 19, 2012 It has been said that the U.S. Congress only gets serious about tackling a controversial issue when there is a crisis.  Whether this crisis is real or manufactured, our national representatives usually need some sort of fire to get legislation moving. But our leaders are currently dealing with a unique situation.  If Congress fails to act and extend the | Read More »