No Erick Erickson Michael Steele Shouldn’t Resign.

    I’m not one to play the race card so I won’t even entertain the notion that this is nothing but a bunch of white guys trying to “get the brother man”. Some say that Michael Steele is incompetent, he’s too off script, and he doesn’t stick to the RNC talking points. Well, as if RNC talking points were a good thing, it doesn’t matter if | Read More »

    More Bad Economic News

    Today the numbers came out about the economic landscape and job growth, and while the Obama administration and the media were looking for pristine valleys and lush forests, instead they got desert sands and scorched earth. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this president not only lacks economic vision and a true sense of what it takes to create sustainable private sector jobs, I’m beginning to | Read More »

    The White House Wants to Control Your Internet, And They Want Your Suggestion on How to Do So

    When Al Gore invented the internet I’m guessing he never imagined the length at which the president of the United States, and the Democrats would go in order to obtain complete control over what you see, hear,purchase, and read online. The first attempt by the FCC to regulate the internet was done in the name of fairness and quote, “internet principles” whatever that sh*t means. | Read More »

    All About “O”

    President Obama taps David Petraeus as the new head guy in Afghanistan and the left suddenly likes the idea of war. Well, when it comes to Obama anything goes so long as it helps him, saves him. Chuck Todd on the Daily Runs spoke with Chris Matthews and they were saying this saved the president and this move was widely praised in Washington. Well, that’s | Read More »

    Now Play Commander in Chief

    Lights, get into character, make sure you know your lines, and wait for it, camera, and action! Now play commander in chief Mr. President. Tell us the reason you relieved General McChrystal of his duties, and then tell us why you really gave him the old Military one finger salute. I know why he did it, you know why he did it, but apparently president | Read More »

    The Rise of the Old Right in a New America

    Chris Matthews of MSNBC and Hardball fame? Presented the loyal fifteen with an in depth (By in depth I mean the depth of a thin crust pizza) look at the rise of the new right. In this documentary Matthews aims to link the Tea Party movement, the Michigan militia, and suburban moms with what he sees as an unusually hostile form of conservatism. You know, | Read More »

    All About Obama

    Tonight president Obama will give a speech on his handling, or lack thereof of the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. Facing questions of whether or not he knows how to be a leader, not to mention an effective president who can govern, I don’t view this speech as his moment to rise above the criticism, but a chance to save his own | Read More »

    The Incredible Shrinking Moderates

    You know, when does one realize they have no influence in what is taking place in the country? For Joe Scarborough that day, sadly might never come to pass. Joe’s problem, which has been the focal point of conservative disdain is that he thinks he’s qualified, and justified to sit on his high horse as “Republican Judge” He spouts off on his MSNBC show as | Read More »

    BP Boycotts Will Punish Service Station Workers, Not BP Itself

    There are some boycotts and calls for boycotts of British Petroleum across the country for the now infamous and historically important oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. We all appreciate a good recognition of incompetence and BP has to own up to their large share of mistakes and negligence, but to call for an outright boycott of BP puts service station workers and managers | Read More »

    Reaction to Dr. Paul’s Comments Apart of Much Larger Narrative

    Let’s put the comments and the reaction to those comments by Rand Paul aside for a moment. The elite media and the elite political and social class inside the Beltway reacted in the way someone who has become vastly disconnected with not only American history but America’s founders. Make no mistake, the founders were all libertarian with the exception of Alexander Hamilton who admired the | Read More »


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