I teach American Government at the secondary level, and live in rural southeast Missouri with my wife and two children.


    Conservatism And Small Business

    Just some quick thoughts on why I think conservatives should support small business: 1. Private property gives a person a measure of economic power (i.e., the power to access and use his own resources as he sees fit), and thus a measure of freedom. This power can be used to achieve one’s ends in cooperation with others, or by coercing others. 2. A person who | Read More »

    Inflation And The Market Economy

    Back in January, I posted a piece in which I discussed one of Wilhelm Roepke’s most important contributions to economic thought generally and the defense of the free economy in particular. I wrote: I think his greatest contribution…was his response to something that the Marxists highlighted as a failure of capitalism. They argued that one of capitalism’s injustices (if not its chief injustice, in fact) was that | Read More »

    [Conservative Top 10 Reading List]

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    Egalitarianism: The Great Evil Of Our Time

    It’s been said that “whoever marries the spirit of this age will be a widower in the next,” and I couldn’t agree more. Of course, the implication is twofold: That one must first identify what, precisely, the spirit of one’s age is, and having done that, to fight it. Doing that is certainly not likely to win a person any popularity contests, but I suppose that’s | Read More »

    Deliberation vs. Democracy

    In my time teaching American Government to high-schoolers, I’ve noticed one glaring fact: My kids generally understand a lot of the whats of our Constitution by the time they get to me, but not very many understand the whys. They’re quick to grasp, for example, that we have a federal government with three separate branches; what takes longer to grasp is why we have a federal government structured | Read More »

    Conservatism and Campaign Finance Reform

    The proposition that money has had a corrosive effect on the American political system is one that hardly needs to be defended. However, the notion that campaign finance reform could–and should, I think–be a “conservative” issue is probably a little more debatable. The thing is, as the Constitution stands today, there’s really not much that can be done about the influence of money in politics. | Read More »

    Same-Sex Marriage And The Future

    I’ve followed quite a few exchanges over the issue of same-sex marriage lately–and been a party to more than a few. One thing I’ve noticed is that aside from the “equality” meme, one of the most common questions asked of traditional marriage supporters by both same-sex marriage advocates and advocates of “marriage privatization” alike is, “Don’t you see that same-sex marriage won’t affect you? So, | Read More »

    Tradition and Liberty

    It seems sometimes as though diagnoses of “what’s wrong with America” are a dime a dozen. We’re not free enough, some say; we’re not moral enough, others say. We don’t follow the Constitution, but should; we do follow the Constitution, but shouldn’t. We’re too obsessed with equality; we’re not obsessed with equality enough. And so it goes. At the risk of being tiresome, I’m going | Read More »

    The Market Economy: A Conservative Defense

    There are a lot of misconceptions about conservatism; one of the biggest concerns our belief in a free economy. Those on the left say we’re motivated by greed, a desire to protect a privileged socioeconomic position (if we’re members of the economic elite), or a false consciousness that blinds us to our oppression (if we’re not members of the aforementioned elite). Always, they say, our | Read More »

    A Response To “The One Minute Rational Argument For Gay Marriage”

    Here’s my analysis of and response to something that was in my Facebook news feed, via Capitalism Magazine: Marriage has been defined as heterosexual only because of religion. Period. Incorrect. Biology may have a little something to do with it, too, you know. In other words, marriage has been defined as heterosexual because marriage is fundamentally about procreation, and since only heterosexual couples can procreate, marriage | Read More »