Trump’s forgotten what happened when he insulted Fiorina

    There are two possibilities regarding Trump’s dumb and mean tweet about Heidi Cruz: 1) Trump is just a jerk who likes to demean women or 2) Trump is a jerk who likes to demean women AND he thinks this will help him strategically. This diary will look at Trump’s dumb tweet assuming it was intended to be strategic and also look skeptically at the conventional | Read More »

    5 Reasons Not to Count Out the Underdog!

    To paraphrase my old pastor: Men’s minds are like one bedroom apartments, women’s are like studios. (Point being that men tend to mentally compartmentalize much more than women). So, with me being 1) a woman, 2) a life long Broncos fan and 3) a Cruz supporter; it’s probably inevitable that I would see parallels between the Cruz campaign and the Broncos 2016 season… and even | Read More »

    This isn’t the Way to Unity, Mr. Would Be Speaker

    First off, you should realize I’m writing this as someone who was initially pretty optimisitic about the idea of you being Speaker. (Would prefer Newt, but that doesn’t seem likely to actually happen)  I love the idea of the party finding a way to unite and of a unifying figure. Your buddy Scott was far and away my first choice for President. And my objections | Read More »

    How do we defeat the left wing and defeatist narratives

    Occam’s Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. (It could be stated a lot of other ways, but that’s the simplest) I’ve read thousands of words speculating on the rise  of “outsider” candidates and submit the following as a possible explanation. The bulk of the media has been publicizing the “outsiders” to the hilt and covering them in a generally very flattering way | Read More »

    Low Information Primary Season

    Watching Fox News doing a mini post mortem on Walker, I found myself getting frustrated. Their analysis is that, with the way he presented himself, Governor Walker didn’t come across as a fighter. Well, why should he have to? Part of the case for Walker was that he is not only a conservative and a reformer, but a conservative reformer who’s been able to do | Read More »

    Alright, feel free to make the case for Cruz

    Still think Scott Walker would’ve been a terrific President, particularly with regard to labor reform, entitlement reform, getting rid of Obamacare and all issues surrounding the budget. Am still disgusted both at how he was treated by the liberal media and at a lot of the base abandoning him for Trump. After years of consistent conservatism, a truly phenomenal record as Governor, and being encouraged | Read More »

    Pass a clean (and short) CR and debt hike, then proceed to impeachment

    Remember when Obama lurched for a lifeline and decided to let Putin (bail him out) broker a deal with Assad? It was widely seen a a huge victory for Assad because being negotiated with strengthened his claim to legitimacy.   By saying he won’t negotiate with Republicans he is treating them like rogue nations not legitimately in power and implicitly declaring that it is he | Read More »

    Obama’s Fatal Error?

    I confess to a hopeful bias, but am really think Obama’s little “talking” charade is going to backfire to the point that Democrats start taking the brunt of the blame for continuing this shut down and threatening default. My theory hinges on an assumption that a fairly large number of people paid some attention to the news over the last couple of days and 1. | Read More »

    What Have You Personally Done to Stop Obamacare this week? or Last?

    When I first came to self describe as a Republican and set up an account on RedState (after the 2008 election) — there were a lot of things about the GOP I really didn’t understand.  In my ignorance, I repeatedly defended McCain to the expressed disgust of several on this site.  Those who were patient with me basically said this ” I can see how | Read More »

    It’s nice to be on offense, isn’t it?

    So much of Obama’s Presidency has been an unrelenting assault – a push for one legislative horror after another,  coupled with a continual usurping of power.  The encroachment has been at the national level, the state level, and even the government and liberal media vs. convenient scapegoat citizen level.  We’ve seen a phony crisis after phony crisis from a President whose political philosophy seems to | Read More »