Pass a clean (and short) CR and debt hike, then proceed to impeachment

    Remember when Obama lurched for a lifeline and decided to let Putin (bail him out) broker a deal with Assad? It was widely seen a a huge victory for Assad because being negotiated with strengthened his claim to legitimacy.   By saying he won’t negotiate with Republicans he is treating them like rogue nations not legitimately in power and implicitly declaring that it is he | Read More »

    Obama’s Fatal Error?

    I confess to a hopeful bias, but am really think Obama’s little “talking” charade is going to backfire to the point that Democrats start taking the brunt of the blame for continuing this shut down and threatening default. My theory hinges on an assumption that a fairly large number of people paid some attention to the news over the last couple of days and 1. | Read More »

    What Have You Personally Done to Stop Obamacare this week? or Last?

    When I first came to self describe as a Republican and set up an account on RedState (after the 2008 election) — there were a lot of things about the GOP I really didn’t understand.  In my ignorance, I repeatedly defended McCain to the expressed disgust of several on this site.  Those who were patient with me basically said this ” I can see how | Read More »

    It’s nice to be on offense, isn’t it?

    So much of Obama’s Presidency has been an unrelenting assault – a push for one legislative horror after another,  coupled with a continual usurping of power.  The encroachment has been at the national level, the state level, and even the government and liberal media vs. convenient scapegoat citizen level.  We’ve seen a phony crisis after phony crisis from a President whose political philosophy seems to | Read More »

    Pandering is never the Answer – Engaging People Is

    Raised by Democrats, young, single, female, living in New York City, reading the NY Times, and making a living in the arts, after voting against Bush twice and railing against him for most of 7 years, I registered as a Republican, voted for McCain in the primary and took the unprecedented step of actively supporting him throughout the General Election. Was it because the GOP | Read More »

    Cowboy Poetry All Over Again…

    Romney’s mention of Big Bird pays brilliant dividends as Obama self inflicts a possibly fatal wound and doesn’t even know it. For all the disadvantages of having most of the print and televised media firmly in the tank for the Democrats – there are also  a lot of silver linings. For example: Liberal media holds Republicans accountable (I suspect if one were to tabulate the | Read More »

    Cowboy Poetry All Over Again

    The Obama campaign self inflicts a quite possibly fatal wound — and doesn’t even know it. For all the griping about the liberal media (which is valid) it’s easy to miss the silver linings that come with having  most members of certain types of media hating us, our party, and all for which we stand.  For one thing the liberal media holds Republicans accountable.  If | Read More »

    And suddenly the tables turn… (why Newt supporters shouldn’t be calling for anyone to exit right now)

    Our persistently crowded field could easily be the start of Romney’s undoing. Not to trivialize the matter but as we head into the next round of contests, I’m reminded of  the Broncos in their final regular season game. They lost and,  if the Raiders beat the Chargers,  would’ve been out of the playoffs.  But the Chargers won, and instead it was the Raiders who were | Read More »

    What Makes a Conservative? [Restored]

    What is a conservative? A few years ago I probably would’ve answered that a conservative was someone who is pro-life, pro-gun, & in favor of less regulation, low taxes, a free market economy, a strong defense, and stiff criminal justice laws. Now I’m inclined to see “conservative” as one of those amorphous terms that can be manipulated to mean whatever the base wants it to | Read More »

    Democrats Do the Most Damage to Their Own

         A teacher friend of mine who’s incredibly passionate about her job, told me a story that – better than anything else I’ve heard or seen- illustrates what an Obama Presidency means to the black community. She told of several formerly problem kids who’d had no goals, no work ethic, kids who literally were planning to just collect welfare, who overnight became inspired to study – to try | Read More »