John Caile is a professional firearm instructor and self-defense activist. He is a staff writer for Concealed Carry Magazine published by the USCCA. He is also a spokesperson for the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights alliance. John is a frequent guest on local and national talk radio, TV, and is often quoted in the media.


    “But my wife hates guns…”

    Sound familiar? Most of us have had friends or acquaintances ask what they can do about their wife or girlfriend who is not comfortable around guns. You yourself may have been the one with the gun-fearing partner. I know, it sounds like I am singling out women. But as a long-time firearm instructor, I can say that while on occasion the man is the problem, | Read More »

    Big Brother is Getting Even Bigger

    I wrote about the potential for governmental abuse in the USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine edition. Gun owners are without a doubt the number one target of those who wish to restrict the rights of Americans. One reason for the threat of increased spying is that the number of gun owners in America has been rising dramatically. According to the FBI, there have been 73,441,399 background | Read More »

    Our Real “Obesity” Problem: Bloated Government

    If Republicans had any sense (which it is becoming increasingly obvious that they don’t) they would announce a positive plan to get the economy moving again, and deal with healthcare costs in the process. With a staggering Federal budget, and a national debt that is now greater than the GDP of most industrialized nations combined, we must do something to cut government spending, and free | Read More »

    Why the Left Hates “Duck Dynasty”

    The hypocritical outrage over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch (that word alone drives liberals apoplectic) by the likes of Charlie Sheen and Jesse Jackson should come as no surprise. The American Left has always been uncomfortable with religious people (other than fanatical Muslim jidadists), and they especially despise Christians. About the only time liberals jump on board with religion is when they attempt to use it to | Read More »



    “Knock-Out” Spin. Suddenly, Aggravated Assault is…a “Game!”

    After trying to ignore the growing “Knock-Out” phenomenon, where violent black street thugs attack random white people, the liberal media predictably tries to excuse the violence, by using an almost laughable premise: that we shouldn’t get upset because “black youth have always been violent.” See Ann Coulter’s column in Human Events: But the larger issue is the ongoing practice of the media to continually | Read More »

    Who is REALLY behind that new “gun rights” group?

    Anti-gun zealots have recently been creating more and more fake “gun rights” groups, often duping unsuspecting gun owners into contributing to them. What’s most diabolical is that the money collected is then used to attack gun owner’s rights, not protect them. Probably the best example of a “False Flag” gun rights group is the infamous “Americans for Gun Safety” started in 2001 and bankrolled by | Read More »

    The Church of Regulation

    It never ceases to amaze me how many Americans, even those who claim to be conservatives, are more than willing to surrender their freedoms when it comes to government regulations. There seems to be an almost religious conviction that causes otherwise intelligent people to convince themselves that government can (much less will) “protect” them from harm. Worse, these same people seem utterly oblivious to the | Read More »

    Obamacare and Guns

    The Obamacare debacle is more than just government overreach. Beyond the obvious intrusions into what should be private transaction between a provider of a service (whether doctor or insurance company) and their client, the threat to privacy is staggering. The numerous scandals surrounding the abuse of power by various government agencies should send chills down the spines of every American, but especially those who own | Read More »

    It’s the Obamacare, Stupid!

    Focusing on the website misses the larger point, that Obamacare itself is the problem. Thus, making it more ‘efficient’ would be like making the Holocaust more efficient – in both cases, it merely accelerates the imposition of a horrible result. Can you imagine if, during the time of Lincoln, the primary argument against slavery were that the procedures for “processing” slaves wasn’t “efficient” enough? And | Read More »

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