John Caile is a professional firearm instructor and self-defense activist. He is a staff writer for Concealed Carry Magazine published by the USCCA. He is also a spokesperson for the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights alliance. John is a frequent guest on local and national talk radio, TV, and is often quoted in the media.


    VOTE! There is simply NO (sane) alternative, especially for gun owners.

    Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is far more critical than many American gun owners realize. Electing genuinely pro-2nd Amendment lawmakers helps move good legislation forward, and stop bad bills in their tracks. But that’s just the beginning. In Alabama, a “good” bill (“Amendment 3”) is a referendum that protects right to carry and will appear on the November 4 state ballot. Virtually all pro-gun-rights groups support | Read More »

    Hollywood: The Left’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

    Over the last 50 years, we have seen the steady increase in the use of mainstream entertainment media as a vehicle for promulgating Left-Wing views. Liberal personalities like John Stewart or Stephen Colbert routinely take liberties with the facts to advance their agenda. However, the influence of such openly leftist personalities pales in comparison to the power of the relentless repetition of liberal viewpoints in | Read More »

    The “Bloomberg Chronicles”

    It is simply a fact that gun owners face a formidable array of committed opponents among those on the Left. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is merely the latest in a long line of gun control “jihadists.” Teachers routinely dispense anti-2nd Amendment propaganda in schools. Numerous mainstream news media talking heads dutifully regurgitate bogus anti-gun “studies” without any real vetting. Hollywood has used movies | Read More »

    Media Brain Washing on Guns

    Immediately after the Santa Barbara killing rampage, the usual suspects in politics and the media began yet another drumbeat for gun control, in spite of the fact that half the people were killed with a machete, not a gun. This is nothing new. But the affect on the average person is cumulative. We all know people who are either simply afraid of guns or really | Read More »

    Pointless Pontificating: Amateur Lawyers on Self-Defense

    After every jury verdict in a self-defense case (and often even before), the amateur lawyers come out of the woodwork, claiming with absolute certainty their opinion that the defendant was or wasn’t ‘justified’ in doing whatever it was he or she did. What these people forget is something that my grandfather (a famous criminal court judge) frequently reminded us:  “There are only 12 opinions in | Read More »

    Benjamin Franklin Was Right…

    As the 2014 election approaches, we would be wise to recall the Founder’s famous quote, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately” is just as profoundly true now as it was more than two centuries ago. But today, differences between us have been exploited by a seemingly endless parade of political demagogues. Young and old, rich and poor, black and | Read More »

    “But my wife hates guns…”

    Sound familiar? Most of us have had friends or acquaintances ask what they can do about their wife or girlfriend who is not comfortable around guns. You yourself may have been the one with the gun-fearing partner. I know, it sounds like I am singling out women. But as a long-time firearm instructor, I can say that while on occasion the man is the problem, | Read More »

    Big Brother is Getting Even Bigger

    I wrote about the potential for governmental abuse in the USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine edition. Gun owners are without a doubt the number one target of those who wish to restrict the rights of Americans. One reason for the threat of increased spying is that the number of gun owners in America has been rising dramatically. According to the FBI, there have been 73,441,399 background | Read More »

    Our Real “Obesity” Problem: Bloated Government

    If Republicans had any sense (which it is becoming increasingly obvious that they don’t) they would announce a positive plan to get the economy moving again, and deal with healthcare costs in the process. With a staggering Federal budget, and a national debt that is now greater than the GDP of most industrialized nations combined, we must do something to cut government spending, and free | Read More »

    Why the Left Hates “Duck Dynasty”

    The hypocritical outrage over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch (that word alone drives liberals apoplectic) by the likes of Charlie Sheen and Jesse Jackson should come as no surprise. The American Left has always been uncomfortable with religious people (other than fanatical Muslim jidadists), and they especially despise Christians. About the only time liberals jump on board with religion is when they attempt to use it to | Read More »