November 2010 – Will the “Legion of the Uninformed” Fall for the Democrat Propaganda?

In a recent conversation, an elderly woman I know remarked that she was annoyed that the health care bill doesn’t take effect for two more years. When I asked the reason for her concern, she complained that she “shouldn’t have to wait so long to be able to buy insurance across state lines.”

Obviously I was dumbfounded by her lack of understanding – Obamacare has no provision whatsoever for dealing with the problem of state governments preventing insurance companies from selling across state lines. On the contrary, it has been the Democrats, at both the Federal and state levels, who have adamantly prevented open competition for health insurance – causing virtual monopolies for their home state insurance companies, with the completely predictable result that premiums have soared.

But her lack of understanding is disturbing for another reason – she is not alone.

The number of people in the nation who are still utterly clueless about important political issues is downright scary – the people we laugh at in Jay Leno’s “man on the street” interviews unfortunately also walk into the voting booth on election day. And a frightening percentage of them are knee-jerk Democrat voters.

Not surprisingly, when you inquire as to where such people get the majority of their current events “information” they almost invariably turn out to be avid watchers of MSNBC, CNN, or other mainstream media outlets that have proven to parrot the Democrat talking points on just about any issue. Even worse, a truly astonishing percentage of younger people consider the left-wing John Stewart comedy show their primary source of “news” – and these people are actually allowed to vote?

Thankfully, the meteoric rise of FOX news has proven that there is a hunger for open and honest debate on important issues – just about every news panel on FOX includes both liberal and conservative commentators. Even clearly labeled “conservative” entertainment shows like Sean Hannity’s include a whole parade of liberal guests.

But you would probably not be surprised to find that most of the more clueless citizens do not watch FOX, and probably don’t listen to other New Media like Talk Radio either. Yet they will often criticize FOX for, as one older gentleman said the other day, “bashing Democrats.” When I asked how often he watched FOX, he admitted that he never actually been a FOX viewer – he “just knows” that they are biased.

The reason for his view was not hard to uncover – predictably, his own favorite network turned out to be (you guessed it) MSNBC, the home of hysterical liberal loons Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. MSNBC is perhaps the most horribly biased, left-wing mouthpiece of the Democrat Party in the history of broadcasting. Most of their “news” people are not merely Democrats, but far-left socialists with connections to a whole host of Marxist organizations.

And MSNBC seldom has anything even approaching balance – a typical MSNBC discussion panel is made up of exclusively left-wing types. And unlike FOX, which clearly reveals the political backgrounds of anyone who appears on their news shows, MSNBC routinely hides the liberal connections of both their guests and their hosts, many of whom, like Chris Mathews and George Stephanopoulos, actually worked in Democrat administrations.

Thankfully, MSNBC has been plummeting in the ratings – FOX has so far surpassed them (by millions of viewers) that more people watch the late-night FOX comedy panel show “Red Eye” than watch MSNBC’s prime time news programs. And when quizzed on current events, FOX viewers outscore non-viewers by a country mile. But for the legions of uninformed (and misinformed) folks who still rely solely on overwhelmingly left-leaning sources for their news, such realities have no affect on their distorted world view.

And they will be voting in November…

John Caile


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