Targeting Business – Why Liberals Just Don’t Get It

Here in Minnesota, militant gay activists are attacking Target Corporation for (horrors!) donating to the Republican party. Seems that one of the candidates who received some of the money was Tom Emmer, who is now running for governor. Emmer’s unpardonable sin? He thinks “gay marriage” should be left up to the voters, not unelected judges.

As a result, our local liberal fascists are attempting to institute a boycott of Target stores – apparently, while taxing the hell out of corporations like Target is just fine with Democrats, allowing them to make their voices heard via the political system is simply intolerable.

Needless to say, liberal Democrats have no problem with powerful unions donating as much as they want to the party of their choice. Of course not –  because unions, especially powerful government unions, donate almost exclusively to Democrats.

But the larger issue is the irrational, almost hysterical hatred of corporations that seems to completely consume most liberals. No matter what the problem, “big business” is the villain.

Take the illegal alien mess. Talk to any liberal and they will invariably start ranting about how we “need to go after those businesses that hire illegals” – the fact that the fundamental problem is that we are awash in people who shouldn’t even be here is never even considered.

Then there are taxes. Democrats constantly lobby for higher and higher taxes on corporations. Naturally, when a company can take it no longer, and moves their operation to Singapore, Ireland or some other country with a far less punitive tax structure, liberals throw a hissy-fit. And then disingenuously shift the blame to Republicans for the company’s “shipping jobs overseas.”

More to the point, liberals seem unable to grasp the simple fact that every penny of the taxes levied on a corporation winds up being paid by the consumer, often the very lower income worker who votes Democrat. After all, if you increase the taxes on “Big Oil” the price of gas goes up. And who is affected most by high gasoline prices? The poor.

And thanks to the high taxes piled on “those evil tobacco companies” we now have smokers, most of whom are in the lower income brackets, paying outrageous prices for a pack of butts. Once again, those who are hit the hardest are the poor (who, as mentioned, keep voting for the same Democrats who relentlessly pillage their wallets).

I recently heard a liberal fellow say, with undisguised contempt, that “these corporations just want to save a buck” when commenting over some company not wanting to pay higher wages. Gosh, a corporate entity, whose sole purpose of existing is to make as much profit as possible, wants to save money on labor costs. Who’da thought?

But his comment illustrates a common misunderstanding among liberals of the real (and only) purpose and goal of a corporation – to make as much profit as possible, as long as it does so within the law. A corporation does not exist, as liberals seem to believe, to “provide jobs” – employees are an expense, and a business rightly wants to keep all expenses as low as possible.

In fact, the only reason a corporation would want to hire anyone is that they will contribute to the profitability of the company. And contrary to the belief of liberals that such “greed” will lead to lower wages, all business who are successful actually do benefit their workers enormously – a company wants the best, most skilled employees it can find, and will pay them what it takes to attract and keep them.

Another liberal misconception is that corporations have some sort of “moral obligation” to “the community” – but a business has no duty other than to avoid engaging in fraud, or malfeasance that directly affects society at large (dumping toxic waste, for example). Corporations are most certainly not “social justice” vehicles.

Thus howling that Target Corporation has some obligation to support a social issue like “gay marriage” is simply yet another example of liberal activists trying to force a private entity into conforming to their own personal social belief.

The inability to understand economics, business, and the operation of the free market has led to some of the most disastrous and destructive legislation in American history. From Prohibition and the New Deal to modern day “smoking bans” we have seen the negative impact of intrusive government on the free market.

It’s long past the time for liberals to rethink how they approach what should be private dealings between businesses and consumers.

But I’m not holding my breath…

John Caile


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