On Labels, Language and Proposition 8

    I believe many people today, especially those on the left, are way too obssessed with labels as they are applied to people. Sure, people with conservative views are often guilty of labeling a people or group, painting with a broad brush, and sometimes it’s unfair. But the left has mastered the art of labeling people and using this language as an aggressive tool to intimidate | Read More »

    The Texas 17th and the NRCC

    In what will be an all-too-familiar tune for Redstate readers, it looks like the NRCC is at it again, this time in the Texas 17th District. A little background is in order, to help readers understand this District and what is going on right now as we head into 2010. Texas 17 is a very conservative district, voting 65% Republican in state and national races. | Read More »

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    Rob Curnock Schedules District 17 Town Hall Meetings

    Rob Curnock, Republican candidate for Congress in District 17, Aug. 12 announced three town hall meetings on health care and other important issues, to be held in the coming weeks in Central Texas. “The cornerstone of our representative system is the relationship between elected officials and their constituents, and regular opportunities for open dialogue is critical in maintaining that relationship,” Curnock said. “I am disappointed | Read More »