Attorneys General and Selective Enforcement

    I am not a lawyer, so hopefully some of you can help me with this. Virginia’s new Attorney General has announced that he will not defend Virginia’s same sex marriage ban constitutional amendment, and furthermore, will be filing a brief to support overturning it.   The Attorney General of the United States has been pulling this stunt for years.   My | Read More »

    My letter to Sen Warner (D-VA) re: Syria

    I wrote this to Sen Warner (D-VA) who according to the Washington Post (thanks Jake) is in the undecided column. Virginia’s other Senator- Tim Kaine, will vote however Obama tells him to, and increasingly my congresscritter Eric Cantor (R-VA) is lost to me, and does the same. I miss being represented by Randy Forbes (R-VA), but unfortunately I moved out of his district.   Senator | Read More »

    Why is no one running this ad?

    In central Virginia, we are subjected to ads from Wayne Powell (D-Cand VA-7) and Tim Kaine (D-Cand VA senate, and former Demoncrat Party Boss)- both trying to present themselves as “reasonable guys” to appeal to the independents. They talk about saving money, protecting jobs, growing the economy. Kaine especially likes to point out that he was a missionary and worked in a smithy. Heck, they | Read More »