The Real Reason Democrats Kiboshed the Filibuster?

    In looking at the latest round of radical nominees up for Senate confirmation, I noticed that the new filibuster rule gives Obama and the Democrats room to let the red-state Democrat Senators like Landrieu (LA), Pryor (AR) and Begich (AK) oppose people their states would oppose while still getting 51 votes to gain confirmation.  (I doubt Landrieu is going to fool anyone this time around. | Read More »

    Why a strong conservative lost in LA-05

    I was going to make these points myself, but found a guy who had already done it. Pay close attention to the “Neil Deal” comments…. Cogburn “As I scanned the newspaper and social media today about the Vance McAllister crushing Neil Riser in yesterday’s 5th Congressional District election, I found much with which to agree. Yesterday’s election was as much a referendum on Bobby Jindal | Read More »

    On Raising the Debt Limit

    In 2005, Hurricanes Katrin and Rita devastated south Louisiana.  While a number of austerity measures were undertaken in a special session in November of 2005,  the predicted severe drop in state revenues was woefully mistaken.  Instead, the flurry of rebuilding activity throughout the storm-damaged areas resulted in more than $1 billion in un-appropriated revenues. Interestingly enough, the state had adopted into the constitution a package | Read More »

    “Recess” Appointment Abuse

    I don’t know how many recess appointments President Obama has made, but it seems like he is skirting the intent of the recess appointment authority, which would be to appoint someone whom the Senate refuses to schedule hearings for or perhaps an emergency appointment.  It is evident that he is abusing the authority of the Executive Branch and violating the “advise and consent” clause of | Read More »

    Bobby Jindal in Opposition to Louisiana Tea Party

    More conservative groups oppose Governor Jindal’s decision to raid funds rather than reduce the size of the government: It might be tea time and counting…for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. In fact, an announcement today   might not have  come  at a worse time should Jindal be entertaining a run for a national office in the near future. Right as Jindal has an opportunity to promote his conservative | Read More »

    Is Bobby Jindal Avoiding Hard Decisions?

    Like many states, Louisiana is facing a budget shortfall.  However, the last time the Revenue Estimating Conference met they estimated that next year’s state revenues actually would be MORE than this year’s.  The shortfall is due to fewer federal dollars coming into the state. Amazingly enough, rising Republican star Bobby Jindal used one-time federal revenues two years ago (not sure of the number but I | Read More »

    Head of Louisiana’s Largest Business Group Takes Bobby Jindal to Task Over Spending Trust Funds

    Dan Juneau, the president of Louisiana Association of Business and Industry wrote a letter to LA Gov. Bobby Jindal regarding Jindal’s support for legislation that would make it easier for his administration – and future administrations well – to raid a number of trust funds that voters locked away decades ago. The letter has caused a bit of a stir in Louisiana.  The Times Picayune | Read More »

    Is the Time Ripe to Make Term Limits an Issue?

    It seems to me that the government has become an adversary of the citizens, and I think it is in large part due to the appropriations process. In an effort to keep their power, incumbents of all parties become comfortable spending taxpayer money on non-necessary but cool things like entitlements, museums, parks, buildings, etc. The taxpayer in Minnesota contributes to a bridge in rural Louisiana, | Read More »