Republican in Colorado.


    Democrat Henry Solano comes out swinging for Ken Buck

    In what can only be described as bizarre, former Democratic United States Attorney for Colorado, Henry Solano came out swinging in defense of Ken Buck. Solano writing a guest commentary in the Denver Post this morning praises Ken Buck’s tenure at the US Attorney’s office. Solano writes; “During my five-year tenure, historic accomplishments were achieved with Buck as a supervisor. He was instrumental in the | Read More »

    What Happens in Washington Stays in Washington!

    Ken Buck has proven to be an accessible candidate, consenting to appearances on talk shows and television. Many of these appearances could best be described as entering a lion’s den.  Buck has certainly acquired the scars of a candidate willing to run the gauntlet of a lengthy campaign that has garnered national attention. As a result of his most recent foray into the lion’s den | Read More »

    Will Denver Post endorse Grassroots favorite Ken Buck?

    When you hold the title of preeminent newspaper in Colorado, candidates, seeking votes from large swaths of the electorate, cherish with anticipation your endorsement.  Those receiving the endorsement will trumpet the validation as if it were a coronation, while those snubbed will predictably downplay the significance. All the while the media will claim their endorsement is nothing more than an opinion to generate discussion and | Read More »

    String of Polls; Bennet chances against Buck are bleak.

    As Michael Bennet wakes from his fitful sleep this morning, who could fault him for wanting to crawl back into bed and pull the blankets over his head.  This morning’s release by the Denver Post and 9 News of their Senate poll reinforces exactly how bleak Bennet’s chances of besting Tea Party favorite Ken Buck truly are.… The Denver Post/ 9 News poll | Read More »

    Liberal Media unkind to Bennet after debate with Buck.

    Michael Bennet was met by “Rubberstamp Man” upon his arrival for this first debate with Ken Buck. Allison Sherry of the Denver Post was unkind enough to post the photo on “The Spot” and then tweeted it. If the Buck campaign was hoping to drive home the point that Bennet is a rubberstamp for Obama and Reid, Ms. Sherry certainly helped spread the message. | Read More »

    Senator Michael Bennet and Jane Norton on same page on Immigration

    On July 16th Jane Norton was interviewed on Colorado Public Radio.  The transcript below clearly states Jane Norton’s interest in establishing a pathway to citizenship for the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants.  Jane: Some of the hispanic clergy have said and I think it is an interesting idea; If they wanted to stay they would got to law enforcement and say I am here | Read More »

    A perspective from a Ken Buck supporter.

    Trying to convince a committed Norton supporter of the error in their thinking is as futile as going onto Coloradopols and convincing one of the regular ideologues to become a conservative. Okay, perhaps that is a poor comparison. Moving on. I certainly do not expect my rebuttal to change a Norton supporter’s mind. My intent is to offer a dissenting opinion for those readers who | Read More »

    Josh Penry take: Norton deserving of “Audacity of Hypocrisy Award”

    This is hilarious. Right when Norton’s campaign appears to have put the finishing touches on their demise they are once again victimized by their own wickedness. As some may recall the Norton campaign sent out a strongly worded mass emailing (May 11th) accusing Americans for Job Security of supporting Ken Buck and Blanche Lincoln!   Dear Fellow Coloradan, What do Ken Buck and a liberal southern | Read More »

    Down Goes Jane…Down Goes Jane

    Jane “The Insider” Norton makes her way down the aisle toward the ring. Surrounded by an entourage of party elites, women in furs, and men with tailored suits.  The crowd erupts into polite applause.  Ken “No legs” Buck makes his way to the ring sparsely surrounded by his family and some guy dressed in a West Point cadet’s uniform.  He is greeted by a tune | Read More »