Veteran, husband and father who desires to see conservatives carrying out their civic duty to get involved in their respective local Republican party committees as precinct committeemen so they can transform the half-strength, ideologically-split Republican Party into a full-strength, solidly-conservative conservative powerhouse that can create constitutional conservative winners in the primary and general elections.


    What’s the Republican conservative officer count on your county committee? Did you have a vote?

    Saturday morning, January 12, 2013, the elected Republican precinct committeemen in Maricopa County, Arizona met to elect their officers, vote on proposed resolutions, and vote on proposed bylaws changes. Maricopa County (“MC”) has 686,156 registered Republican voters. But only 0.32% of them had any say in who represented them inside the county Party committee. 0.32%. By statute, the MC Republican Party is allotted 6,364 precinct | Read More »

    What was the percentage of turnout in your precinct?

    Did you help in your precinct? Mine had 86.7% Republican turnout. My legislative district had 84.14% turnout. My county had 82.55 % turnout. Do you know the percentage turnout for Republicans in your precinct, local district, and county? Did you help turnout the vote where you live? Did you make any phone calls? Drop literature at any doors? Knock on any doors in your precinct? | Read More »

    Maricopa County (AZ) Republican Executive Guidance Committee Unanimously Calls for Re-appointment of Rep. David Schweikert

    December 6, 2012, 11:40 p.m. Tonight at the monthly meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee, one of the Legislative District committee chairs introduced a resolution calling on House Speaker John Boehner to re-appoint Arizona Rep. David Schweikert to the House Financial Services Committee: Resolution to Re-appoint David Schweikert to the House Financial Services Committee Whereas, the Republican Party needs experienced leaders who | Read More »

    Should we conservatives focus on helping to GOTV?

    To ask the question is to answer it. Of course we conservatives ought to help “nudge” more of our voters to the polls. I keep waiting for instruction from the old-timers here at RS, about all this nitty-gritty, precinct level, stuff, but those instructions never come. But I understand why. Can’t instruct about what you’ve never experienced. So, HOW will YOU help GOTV (Get Out | Read More »

    RNC provides YOU a GOTV tool for getting conservative VINOs to the polls. Will you use it?

    Have you heard of the “GOP Data Center?” Have you heard of “GOTV?” It’s not a new cable channel. It’s Get Out The Vote. “VINOs?” Read on. Here’s the “main thing”: To make a long story short, here’s a just over 11 minute video explaining all you need to do to actually make a difference in terms of increasing voter turnout in the November general | Read More »

    The other recent Aurora, CO shooting — the Liar Media will not tell you any more about it

    Cross-posted at Curiously, the Huffington Post reported on the shooting, republishing an AP report. As you’ll see, a man with a “gun” (the crack AP investigative reporters were apparently unable to discover what kind of gun it was or deemed that unimportant) drove into a church parking lot, crashed into another vehicle, and as people came to his aid, started shooting at them. He | Read More »

    Is Chief Justice Roberts an advocate of The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy?

    It seems so. Seems he was saying in his majority opinion that it wasn’t his fault that the American people who bothered to vote in 2008 were dumb enough to elect Barack Hussein Obama and all those Democrats to the House and Senate. And it wasn’t his fault that 4 million conservative Republicans in the 2008 general election decided to not vote for John McCain | Read More »

    So, what, concretely, will YOU (no matter who you are) DO to GOTV???

    Sorry to ask such a rude question. But, seriously, what will preaching to the “conservative choir,” whether it’s among your conservative friends, or on talk radio, cause more Republican-leaning voters to actually vote? Here’s how I explained to another PC in my district how we Got Out The Vote in our city election in my precinct and how, if the Republican candidates we supported had | Read More »

    Do Ron Paul supporters outnumber conservatives in Maine, Nevada and other caucus states?

    Sunday, May 6, 2012 In some states, the Republican Party allows virtually anyone (who might have to sign a pledge to support Republican candidates) to attend their presidential election year caucus meetings where delegates to the state convention are elected to attend the state convention. Those delegates, in turn, then elect the delegates to the national convention (not all of them, but most of them). | Read More »

    A bit of what happened today at the RNC meetings in AZ (with videos of Romney)

    Cross-posted at April 20, 2012 I was blessed to be invited to attend as a guest today’s Republican National Committee meetings in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a precinct committeeman and elected At Large member of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, I asked our Arizona GOP Chairman, Tom Morrissey, our national committeeman Bruce Ash, and our national committeeman Sharon Giese, for an invitation. They graciously invited | Read More »