Originally from a suburb of Chicago. I’ve lived in the Atlanta area since but the Windy City is my second home. I’m a Political Science major at the University of Georgia. After that comes law school. I will get into my politics more on a different page but I can summarize quickly: Fiscal responsibility, the national debt, unemployment, and declining take-home pay are the most critical issues facing the United States. Small tax increases on the richest among us might be worth looking into, but entitlements must be reformed, the military must be streamlined, the tax code must be simplified, discretionary spending must be reduced, and most importantly, jobs must be created to increase federal receipts and pay down the debt. Otherwise, America’s fiscal future is in the tank. I know what is right and where America ought to be going. That’s that.


    Ideological Stalwarts Win; 99.81% of American Taxpayers Lose

    I can hear it already: ‘House Republicans prefer to go over the fiscal cliff with over 90% of Americans paying more taxes than extending tax rates for 99.81% of Americans.’ I am thoroughly disappointed at the House GOP for their all-or-nothing approach.  The Representatives who refused to vote for Plan B are denying political reality: They are ignoring the fact that taxes on the rich are going | Read More »

    A Few Things We can Learn from Democrats

    Rush just said that the Democratic Party is made up of a whole bunch of coalitions that are united by support for big government. He is right. Democrats include the gay rights crowd, environmentalists, African Americans, about half of rich people who live in blue states (such as Connecticut and California), the urban poor, the marijuana legalization crowd, academics, union workers, and more. We with | Read More »

    Reasonable Socially Conservative Positions on Three Issues

    First I would like to clarify that social conservatism should not be a focal point of a GOP platform for the foreseeable future. The fiscal issues of jobs, the tax code, the national debt, and so on should continue to be the central focus of the party. However, if we conservatives abandon the social issues altogether, many Christians especially in the South will simply not | Read More »

    Monday Morning Quarterbacking

    Now is an appropriate time to reflect on what went wrong for us in 2012 because we should not allow our mistakes to happen next time around. I believe if Mitt had not made some fatal errors in his campaign strategy, he could have won. First of all, President Obama’s campaign permanently tarnished Mitt’s reputation and image. Their portrayal of  Mitt as a rich guy | Read More »