FOIA Request reveals SCANDAL!!

This is mainly about the pattern of partisan behavior and obvious discrimination at certain levels of campus administration here…You might wanna read an earlier post I had to get greater context…

True diversity has little to do with Chief Illiniwek–one just has to look at the enrollment numbers of the University of Illinois to confirm this.  The University of Illinois is the most diverse school in the big ten and in the top ten in diversity amongst its peer institutions.  These are feats it achieved while Chief Illiniwek was still the official symbol of the University – since the retirement the numbers of underrepresented minorities attending Illinois have actually dropped.  My point is that with the resources that these administrators are shamefully employing against the free speech of students they don’t agree with, we could be aiding students of color and non-traditional students in their quest for a quality higher education or more accessible services.

The administrators involved in the email scandal have been chronic in their questionable use of University time and state money.  I find it grossly questionable that while the student government prepared to admonish those of whom I speak, a paid student employee from the offices of Student Affairs and Intercultural Relations was attending the meetings deciding the language that would chastise her employer, and arguing on their behalf. Chicago-style politics and sending spies to student events has no place in the ‘marketplace of ideas’ our University should be. An email was sent out to various list-serves saying that the student senate was ‘being taken over by pro-mascot fanatics attempting to galvanize their troops before an election’ even though the resolution just called for greater administrative accountability and was NEUTRAL on the Chief!

Our President, Stan Ikenberry, was in the news this week for his repudiation of a broad cut in the state budget because of its disastrous effects for the University, and rightfully so.  We are not being treated fairly or justly by a helpless state government.  However, in fiscal years 2004 to 2008 the budget for administrators and their assistants in Student Affairs grew by nearly a quarter while civil service employees full time equivalent in the same office fell by over 13%. This University is laying people off at the bottom of the food chain, families are suffering.  I ask you, “for what?”  Are we protecting the projects of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and OIIR that are making my dream of a truly diverse campus a divisive one?  Is it so that students can be disrespected? President Ikenberry also talked about a potential 20% increase in tuition–will we raise tuition at the University of Illinois beyond the budgets of middle class families while paying for weekend retreats of indoctrination or for administrators to count how many people of color attend students for Chief Illiniwek’s event? In these tough times students at the University can afford administrators with an opinion, but not ones with agendas.

The reason I brought this up is because some administrators are lying to protect their jobs and prevent an ethics review. Some of them have gone so far as to claim that this resolution calling for a review of their offices is being ‘taken over by pro-mascot fanatics’ and urged all people to come out in opposition to it. I’ll post the resolution later today and you can see that the resolution explicitly goes out of its way to say it has no position on the former university symbol. In fact, ISS called for a new mascot a couple weeks ago, so it’s obvious that they are lying…

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