86 YO ret mil and Dental educator, Freelance Writer reflecting my Christian Constitutional Conservative beliefs. See my Commentary at (tom davis). I am unalterably opposed to gays in the military, gay marriage and teaching children that the gay lifestyle is compatible with our Judeo-Christian ethic. I have proposed and support a 2012 Presidential ticket of Bachmann/Palin. I am fed up with the one-way communication. We the People write, email, fax and our governmentseldom even acknowleges our existence. Are you listening Mr. Boehner?


    A Bold New Direction

        In 1920, Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a rough, tough, cow town replete with the requisite watering holes, drunks, renegades, horse thieves and ladies of the evening. The town fathers paid little or no attention to the welfare or comfort of the more genteel women and children who made Jackson home. The town fathers were not attuned to the needs and desires of those | Read More »