I spent more than 20 years in professional journalism at mid-size newspapers in Upstate New York and the Cleveland, Ohio area. I also worked in nonprofit journalism, with two assignments in Texas and one in South Carolina. I am publishing my first book as an eBook soon. I live in South Carolina.


    America must stop funding Christian persecution around world

    United States taxpayers fund Christian persecution around the world with the nation’s existing foreign aid program of more than $30 billion a year. That brutal conclusion surfaces by examining Open Doors USA’s 2015 study on the most severe Christian persecution worldwide and compare it to the list of nations that receive U.S. foreign aid. Of the 50 nations identified in the Open Doors USA World | Read More »

    US Christian leaders must compel president to act on genocide in Iraq

    Where are America’s moral clarity and outrage? Where is the shock and awe that will compel President Barack Obama to react to the Christian genocide in Iraq? U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., understands how desperate this situation is. He spoke three times on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives last week calling the situation a genocide and demanding action. Two weeks ago, he | Read More »

    Will church leaders in U.S. seize this opportunity?

    The foundations of every institution that make America a stable society are being shaken—hard. Nothing is being spared. The family in America is under attack like never before. The church in America has lost its courage and boldness on certain issues in the light of a new Barna Group study  that reveals most pastors avoid the “controversial issues.” And Americans have a growing and deep | Read More »