Obama to rewrite “Political Correctness” Rules

    Could we have a small glimmer of “hope” in Obama for our conservative causes? I’d like to think perhaps we do as far as political correctness and race our concerned. The fact of the matter is that the Main Stream Media is so utterly in love with Barack Obama that what he says is virtual gospel. Like many people outside of the baby boomer generation | Read More »

    Obama’s Message Gap

    Since the Republican convention Obama’s poll numbers have been tanking, his campaign seems disorganized and there is one main reason for all this, he has no message. Let’s be honest here his candidacy was all based on opposition to the Iraq War. He’s had to admit now that the “surge” worked and that the war is winding down. So the Democrats are now demanding more | Read More »

    Obama’s Double Edged Sword

    Obama’s speech on Thursday night was fraught with much peril but the most obvious didn’t come until after the speech was over. Why did Obama’s bounce in the polls for a speech watched by almost 40 million people not sustain itself? I have a very unconventional theory. Obama wanted us all to believe that he was unique in history and the first new politician. His | Read More »

    The New “New Woman”

    Have we moved to a point now where women can now have “it all” just as men have had for centuries? It seems in Sarah Palin we might have just such a person. After the “Women’s Movement” for equal rights in the 60s and 70s it was generally accepted that a woman had two paths one towards success in a career and the other a | Read More »