Another Assoc. Press bias article–2nd today!

    Via the Washington Post: “PHILADELPHIA — Federal investigators are questioning a discontinued scholarship program founded by a Pennsylvania congressman. “The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Sunday that investigators are asking about the use of federal grants given to College Opportunity Resources for Education, or CORE Philly. “The program was set up by Rep. Chaka Fattah four years ago but is ending after next spring. He says the | Read More »

    Post-Obama bias alive and well @ Assoc. Press

    Just because Obamessiah isn’t directly involved in the story doesn’t mean the Associated Press won’t hide the truth. Check out this story about corruption in Ohio: “Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann used his campaign account to bankroll home repairs and family vacations, according to a newspaper review of state investigative reports. “The reports are part of a complaint filed last week with the Ohio | Read More »

    The lefty tax nuts must be going crazy

    Larry Kudlow is someone I really respect. So when I heard him say on CNBC today that Obama is selecting a center-right economic team, I wanted to do some research. He made it really easy for me in this piece from NRO: But what’s especially encouraging is the appointment of Ms. [Christine] Romer, who easily could serve as CEA head in a Republican administration (just | Read More »

    If you don’t want him, Mr. Reid, we’ll take Joe Liebermann

    Turns out John McCain wasn’t the only Republican Joe Liebermann supported this election cycle (from WashPost): But no one in the room knew, as Merkley spoke, that Lieberman had supported Merkley’s opponent, Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.). Lieberman, through his Reuniting Our Country PAC, gave Smith’s reelection bid $5,000 on Oct. 10, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Lieberman’s support of Sen. John | Read More »

    Pro-choice is FUN…till you have to DO it.

    From tomorrow’s Washington Post Magazine: “A Hard Choice: A young medical student tries to decide if she has what it takes to join the diminishing ranks of abortion providers.” Seems like learning to kill babies can be lots of fun: There isn’t anything nice about abortion, Lesley said, but she does not equate it with murder. “I think it’s a necessary evil, no, unpleasant service, | Read More »

    Three huge industries, and what their failures have in common

    1) The US Postal Service2) The Big 3 automakers3) Public schools What do they have in common? They are three of the most heavily unionized (if not THE most heavily unionized) industries in the United States. And they are all financial failures. They are all also in line for Federal bailouts. The Postal Service has received, and will continue to receive, subsidies to stay afloat, | Read More »

    Four steps to influence your community…

    The MSM has been successful in making mainstream America think conservatives are mindless ninnies. But we have one resource the MSM and liberals don’t have. YOU. In my last post I talked about getting out from behind your computer and doing some heavy lifting. The more I think about this, the more committed I am that we MUST do this. The RNC can’t or won’t | Read More »

    Why aren’t YOU serving your community?

    With all the fuss over the presidential election, and the House and Senate, I think we are losing sight of the reality that Sarah Palin should have called to our attention. All over the country, in EVERY SINGLE jurisdiction in America, there are places to serve. Not just volunteer, not just talk, stuff envelopes, SERVE. Some examples: for two years, I was on the Economic | Read More »

    Obama destroying businesses BEFORE election too

    Via Face The State, hat tip Michael Brown’s blog (yes, THAT Michael Brown): Sheila Glanville-Conlee, owner and curator of Amoré Antiques on Union Ave., says a Secret Service agent came into her store Thursday morning and told her she had to close her business on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for security reasons. The Obama event is not scheduled to begin until 3 | Read More »


    If Barack Obama wins: 1) God still loves me and I am still forgiven.2) My wife and son still love me. Many other things may go wrong in this country starting tomorrow, but don’t forget to keep your priorities straight. They will ground you, and keep you focused on doing the things that will bring about the change we really need. VOTE!!!!