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    Hillary for President

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is clearly the candidate most qualified to earn the support of any thinking mainstream Republican who keeps a dog and wears a good Republican cloth coat. 1) Hillary Clinton has stood strongly against the lunatics from the far-left wing of the Democrat Party, fighting their selfish and blind love of ideology over service for country. “Clinton knows this, it’s her only path | Read More »

    A Fiscal Way Forward

    In less than two months, America will face a fiscal cliff, with large tax increases and deep spending cuts, across the board. Unless Congress and the White House take swift action, this fiscal cliff will severely impact businesses and workers, including and especially lower- and middle-income families, potentially tipping the economy back into a recession when it has yet to recover from the previous crisis. | Read More »

    Reaching Out to the Strivers

    In the 2012 Presidential election, 53% of voters believed that Mitt Romney’s policies favored the rich, with only 34% and 2% believing that they favored the middle class and the poor, respectively. Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s policies were largely viewed as favoring the middle class (44%) and the poor (31%), with only 10% saying that they favored the rich. This reflects the underlying differences in the | Read More »

    The Approach Team Romney Needs to Take

    First of all, I must thank the Romney Campaign for their hard work. They have done an excellent job promoting Mitt and rallying Americans against our failed President. However, I believe that it is time for Team Romney to take a bolder approach to this election, as I am confident they will anyway. Look at this latest Romney ad: Yes, it does point out Obama’s | Read More »

    Romney-Ryan: A Ticket for the Strivers

    I have consistently advocated for Mitt Romney to release more specific proposals and promote his own policies for recovery. Today, however, I hope that Mitt Romney will continue to keep up the good work and follow through on his solid efforts with a solid Vice-Presidential pick: Representative Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Committee on the Budget. I had previously thought of candidates ranging from | Read More »

    Go Big on Tax Reform

    The ads are running, the printing presses have been working since last night, and the Obama campaign staffers have not slept a wink for three days. After the President’s speech yesterday, the Obama campaign and the mainstream media are hard at work to push their latest talking points- Mitt Romney not only pays a lower rate than the average taxpayer and wants to cut taxes | Read More »

    Five Policies to Win the Strivers

    The Reagan Democrats. Margaret Thatcher’s Essex Man. John Howards’ battlers. The squeezed middle class, hardworking families striving for opportunities to improve life for themselves and their children. Decent and responsible Americans who like the local government that provides them with services, like good roads, and detest China’s cheating and crony socialism. But also people who worry about the debt, unemployment, red tape, higher taxes, and | Read More »

    Reform must be at the Heart of the Republican Agenda

    I have always emphasised the need for Governor Romney, and Republicans in general, to outline a clear and coherent plan affirming our party’s core Conservative principles and detailing substantive and consise policy proposals. I believe that that is the way for Republicans to reclaim the title of the party of ideas. And I think Governor Scott Walker had it right when he said that the | Read More »

    A Republican Plan for America

    As the campaign continues and the fortunes of both parties change in a blink, there is one pressing question that remains for many American voters. What does Mitt Romney stand for? What do Republicans stand for? And how do they want to put their principles in place? We all know what Obama and the Democrats advocate. Larger government, more spending, more red tape, higher taxes, | Read More »

    Restore America’s Promise

    Today, as Americans celebrate our nation’s independence and remember the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers, we must also take time to reflect on the principles that were enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, and the meaning of those words for our party, and our country. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator | Read More »