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    Health Care: “This fight ain’t over”

    When Harry Reid passed a government-run health care bill two weeks ago, he believed the long battle was done. He was wrong. After months of speaking out against a government takeover of health care — via phone calls, letters, town halls, protests and online activism — the American people will not quietly accept this fate. Now, the roughly 2,000 page bill is being negotiated behind | Read More »

    Stop the Fairness Doctrine From Censoring American Airwaves

    Congressman Greg Walden and I have offered an amendment to the Financial Services Appropriations Bill. This amendment would prevent any funding to the FCC from being used to either reinstate the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ or enact proposed broadcast localism regulations during the next fiscal year. The American people cherish freedom, especially freedom of speech and of the press. That was why President Reagan repealed the so-called | Read More »

    We support the people of Iran

    It has been said on numerous occasions and by various politicians and pundits that it was an extraordinary week in the life of the nation of Iran. On June 12, from the very moment that the Iranian presidential election results were announced, the international community and the international press questioned the results. The primary reason for our disbelief in the declared result is that millions | Read More »

    An Economic Declaration of War

    There is a war brewing between liberals on Capitol Hill and the hardworking citizens of the Midwest, notably those of my home state of Indiana. It comes in the form of an energy proposal known as “cap and trade” which would cap greenhouse gas emissions from regulated entities and require businesses to acquire permits or “allowances” for their emissions. The bill should actually be called | Read More »

    Real Republican Principles are the Path to Economic Recovery

    These are very difficult times in the life of our nation. I’ve seen the impact of this recession firsthand, meeting with farmers and small business owners throughout my district. They are practicing the kind of fiscal restraint necessary to get through these difficult times. And they want Washington to do the same. Americans are working hard to preserve a secure and prosperous future, but the | Read More »

    Fight Bigotry – Stay Away from Durban II

    Author’s Note: This post was written jointly by Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mike Pence. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida serves as the senior Republican on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. U.S. Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana serves as chairman of the House Republican Conference. Over six decades after the Holocaust, we still must recognize and combat the continuing threat posed by bigotry worldwide. Hate-mongers | Read More »

    A Call To Arms

    Hey folks, I wanted to make sure you don’t miss the charade that’s being carried out on the floor of the U.S. House today. The Drill-Nothing Democrats finally brought their no-energy energy bill to the floor of the House today for a vote. We need your help to defeat this bill. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell the Democrats in your state delegation | Read More »