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    Actions Speak Louder Than Words on Energy Tax Debate

    During the campaign, President Obama said plans similar to the Waxman-Markey energy tax bill would cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket” and costs will be “passed on to consumers.” Creating new taxes that kill jobs is never a good idea and it’s even worse during a recession. Moreover, a dramatic increase in utility bills would disproportionately hurt the poor, disadvantaged and those who have lost | Read More »

    Remembering Mark

    Mark was an astute observer of politics and, as I learned through our interviews, of politicians. He was a talented writer and a dedicated advocate of conservative values. I want to join all the contributors and readers of RedState in sharing my condolences and prayers with his family.

    The Energy Call to Arms Continues

    It seems unlikely that flight attendants working Continental’s afternoon service between Washington and Houston regularly field requests from passengers looking to leave the plane just minutes before it’s scheduled to take off. But the request one received from Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) this past Friday was no ordinary appeal – and neither were the circumstances that led Republicans to storm the floor of the U.S. | Read More »

    RedState, Blogs and Some Healthy Debate

    Anyone who reads RedState on a regular basis knows by now that the contributors who lend content to the site aren’t shills for Republicans in Congress. And it’s that dogged independence that gives so much credibility to the conservative blogosphere — credibility that simply doesn’t exist on the left, where blogs like the Puffington Host [sic.] and Daily Kos serve as a bulletin board for | Read More »