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    Signs of a Failed Stimulus

    Two years ago, signs promoting Barack Obama were everywhere: on buildings, billboards and bumper stickers.  Not much has changed, except now you are paying for this propaganda to promote the President and his floundering “stimulus” spending plan.  Reports indicate these signs can cost taxpayers as much as $10,000 each, with my home state of Illinois spending more than $650,000 on them.  Worse, the stimulus ads | Read More »

    Massive Government Stimulus Has Not Helped CAT as Promised

    The layoffs announced by Caterpillar today proves the promises that CAT would not proceed with planned layoffs and rehire workers if the so-called economic stimulus plan passed were inaccurate. Congress did pass the stimulus bill and the President got everything he wanted from Congress. Yet, these additional layoffs confirm CAT workers were misused by the Administration as justification for the stimulus bill. These layoffs are | Read More »