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    Israeli Response Justified on All Accounts

    Recent accounts attacking Israel for action taken toward “humanitarian activists,” as they like to call them, have been all but factual.  Israel has been victimized by anti-Semitic activists sent to “break” the barrier for the passage of weapons (likely originating from Iran) to the Gaza strip.  With outside help, these terrorist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, have been able to launch attacks on innocent Israeli | Read More »

    Dealing Effectively with Iran

    Tehran has been taking lessons from Saddam’s old playbook.  AP reported, “UN nuclear inspectors revisiting an Iranian laboratory suspected of involvement in a nuclear weapons program discovered that equipment has been removed, diplomats said Friday.” The IAEA discovered that Iran has been running pyroprocessing experiments.  This process purifies uranium metal for use in nuclear warheads.  While Iran is claiming they backed off experiments back in | Read More »

    Precedence to Control Your Food

    The FDA recently made the decision they are going to regulate what we eat. There has been talk for years about limiting the amount of salt and other ingredients in foods but now it looks like their oppressive agenda will be arriving shortly. The Institute of Medicine has recommended the FDA should regulate and systematically reduce the levels of salt in our food. Or in | Read More »

    Global Warming Now a Religious Issue?

    Recently, under direction of President Obama, there were recommendations made by the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, on a variety of issues.  One of which just happened to be Global Warming. According to the report, “The charge from President Barack Obama to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith- Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is, in part, to focus on how those partnerships can | Read More »

    The Left is Gerrymandering American Citizenship

    The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth. Unfortunately, the left does not recognize that. In the name of their so-called “human” and “civil” rights they are on the verge of granting amnesty to some 13 million illegal aliens; essentially ceding American sovereignty to the rest of the world. America takes pride in our ability to be a free and diverse people | Read More »

    Cap & Trade: 1st Degree Larceny

    I read an interesting article on the American Thinker where the author showed an interesting theme from this C&T bill. The entire purpose of C&T is to put a cap on CO2 emissions. “Presently, 40 percent of CO2 emissions in the United States are derived from electricity generation, 35 percent from transportation, and 25 percent from business, industry, and natural gas to heat homes.” The | Read More »

    $15,000 in 15 Days for True Conservatism | Invest in Liberty

    We’ve launched our $15,000 in 15 days! Help us elect true conservatives to Congress. With your help we can Stop the stupid government spending Shrink the size and scope of government Return our country to the Constitutional Republic the Framers created Stand up for Fiscal and Social Conservatism. For Dave Funk these aren’t sound bites or buzz words. These are non-negotiables and he’s ready to | Read More »

    Isn’t Government Supposed to Protect Us? Not Dumb Luck?

    The numerous media reports from this past weekend seem to be more about minimizing the political damage than about reporting the real implications. Repeatedly from the likes of Janet Napolitano, twice referring to it as a “one-off attack” to NY Senator Chuck Schumer stating it was a “lone wolf” attack to NYC Mayor Bloomberg speculating that the attacker could be a mentally deranged person upset | Read More »

    The Freshmen 50

    THE FRESHMEN 50 PO Box 15023 Tucson, AZ 85708-5023 Dave Funk, Congressional Candidate in Iowa District 3 is proud to announce he is a candidate in the “Bullpen” of The Freshmen 50, a coalition of candidates around the country dedicated to fiscal and legislative responsibility.  This non-partisan PAC is a simple platform of six reforms – reforms that Americans are demanding. Apply the Law | Read More »

    From Housing to Carbon: Special Interests Rule

    By Dave Funk, Congressional Candidate Iowa-03 and Steve Schultz, Political Consultant It really is that simple.  Right now President Obama and Senate Democrats plan to fix the environment via cap and trade (C&T).  Well, C&T is not nearly as “honorable” as the left makes it out to be. The economic crises we are now experiencing is largely due to the irresponsible use of mortgage-backed securities.  | Read More »