Heartwarming Down Syndrome Story

    Rich Lowry has a very touching story about a Down Syndrome gentleman named Ian he met on a plane recently over at NRO’s Corner blog. As a child, I had several friends with what is now called Down Syndrome (it was called a much less nice term back then), and in high school I was a teacher’s aide to the special ed teacher for a | Read More »

    Obama, in his First Real Political Campaign, is Flailing.

    Obama’s campaign has clearly entered “maximum flail mode.” Consider: An independent organization puts out an ad connecting Obama with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. Obama retaliates with an ad falsely accusing the McCain campaign of running the ad. On the day Obama officially accepts the nomination, McCain issues a polite ad congratulating him. McCain’s veep choice, Sarah Palin, offers her own praise of Geraldine Ferraro and | Read More »

    FoxNews Runs Story Connecting Obama to Ayers

    Well, it finally happened… a major news outlet has picked up the Obama-Ayers story, and, of course, it was FoxNews (you didn’t think MSNBC would print anything that looks bad for Obama unless their arm was twisted, did you?). Look for Obama to start spinning furiously and flailing even more than he is now. This is political dynamite, and the fuse has been lit.

    Obama’s Gimmicks

    Let us count the silly gimmicks that Obama has tried to pull, even if he didn’t consider them gimmicks: He redesigns the Presidential seal before he’s even nominated, much less elected. He pretty much demanded to be allowed to speak at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate, long a site of Presidential speeches, not candidate’s speeches. And his latest attempt, to announce his Veep pick by text message | Read More »

    Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What’s So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombing Innocent Civilians?

    Yep, now Michael Moore is attacking McCain’s war service. Take a gander at this. “Sadly,” [Moore] writes, “McCain’s sacrifice had nothing to do with protecting the United States. He was sent to Vietnam along with hundreds of thousands of others in an attempt to prop up what was essentially an American colony, South Vietnam, which was being run by a dictator whom we installed.” It | Read More »

    The Question that Hasn’t Been Asked Yet About Obama and Ayers

    Stanley Kurtz of NRO is attempting–with very little success and a lot of stonewalling–to get the records of Senator Barack Obama’s association with a short-lived non-profit organization called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). He wants the records because the CAC was set up by unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, and because Obama served not only on the board, but as chairman of the board from 1995-1999. | Read More »