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    Mitt Romney in Iowa: For a Guy who is “Electable”, He Sure has Trouble Getting “Elected”…

    If there is one bit of electoral mythology that ought to go up in a poof of reality, is that Mitt Romney is the most “electable” Republican in the field. Here’s a guy whose been flat-out running for President for six years, spent a bazillion dollars on all manner of consultants, private jets, media flacks, advertising, stamps and catering, who went into the 2012 race | Read More »

    “I Will Vote for Barack Obama if (————————fill in the blank) Wins the Nomination…”

    Oh, really. Smart move, genius. How can some folks that seem so smart say such dumb things? They have advanced degrees, seem successful in their professions. They drive nice cars, have nice kids. Or grandkids. It’s rather like discovering the Pastor of your church, whom you’ve always admired and respected for his loving manner, his gentle approach, his wise counsel,– is very proud of his | Read More »

    Go Tell it on the Mountain! O’er the Hills and Everywhere…!

    Refrain Go, tell it on the mountain, O’er the hills and everywhere Go, tell it on the mountain, That Jesus Christ is born. While shepherds kept their watching o’er silent flocks by night, Behold, throughout the heavens There shone a holy light Refrain The shepherds feared and trembled, When lo! above the earth, Rang out the angels chorus That hailed our Savior’s birth. Refrain Down | Read More »

    Dammit: Our Presidential Field isn’t “Flawed”— THEIRS is!

    Boy, if there’s one thing the Grandees of the Beltway can agree upon, it’s this: “The Republican field is flawed”. Michael Medved today, in his breezy “brokered convention” phantasmagoria  that graced the pages of The Daily Beast, tossed off the now-requisite  line: “…Some members of the party establishment may feel infuriated by the flawed and fractured field…” It’s becoming a pass-word for all the establishment-types | Read More »

    Americans Despise Obamacare– and the Latest Rasmussen Poll Shows that the Wrath is Growing

    So, let’s keep talking about Rick Perry’s inability to remember Sonia Whatsername. Let’s make sure to constantly remind folks about Newt Gingrich’s inability to keep his pants up when his wife isn’t in the room. Let’s talk about what a crazy loon Michele Bachmann is, and how many lemons Rick Santorum sucks on before he starts debating. Good Lord, people: The issue isn’t Perry, or | Read More »

    The Acceptance Speech of our Nominee*…

    If we knew who our Nominee would be, perhaps they would give this speech– or, at least I would hope. For the punchline, though, just skip to the end… Mr. Chairman, Madam Co-Chair, delegates, and especially to the Citizens of the United States of America: With a deep awareness of the responsibility conferred by your trust, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the | Read More »

    A “Dear Newt” Letter…

    Dear Newt; We don’t need “17 Solutions for American Horizons”, or “9 Foundational Blocks of a Prosperous Tomorrow”. We don’t need “Healthcare Transformations”. And we sure as hell don’t need a “Green Conservatism”. All America needs right now is it’s cherished Constitution. Mr. Gingrich, you might be a smart fellow, but, I’m sorry: You aren’t any smarter than Madison, or Randolph, or Mason, or Hamilton, | Read More »

    11/22/1963 — Frank Rich is Still Chasing Right-Wing Hatred up the Grassy Knoll…

    Well, here we go again. Jackie’s Pink Pillbox Hat, the huge and lumbering SS-100x black Presidential Limousine, the blurry Kodak snapshots of the Texas School Book Depository. Late November always conjures up images of the Ghosts of Kennedy Past, and this year the echoes are getting a little more shrill in the winds and eddies of the Pop Culture. Brace yourself: in two more years, | Read More »

    I Reckon I’m Reckoning, and I Need Some RedState Input

    I have noticed a broad and deep knowledge on the part of many RedStaters about the individual candidates in the “Newt-Michele-Rick-Mitt-Ron-Herman-Jon & Gary Show”. Sometimes, the Diary Entries run from the completely banal, and are scarcely more than Drudge Report serigraphs. Oftentimes, however, there are wonderfully written entries about little-known policy statements, or inside anecdotes, or apocryphal little-known tid-bits about the candidates that I did | Read More »

    We May not Have a Reagan this Election–But Good Lord, They Sure Have a Carter…

    I came into my political cognizance in the years of Jimmy Carter. The election of 1976 was the first where my 13-year-old brain was more or less engaged. As an eighth grade Michigander, I was a natural Jerry Ford fan. He was a skier,–our family skied. He ate at Granny’s Kitchen in Grand Rapids, I’d eaten at Granny’s Kitchen in Grand Rapids. His slow, plonking | Read More »