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    Civil Disobedience for Dummies (Including Me…)

    As Rod Serling would say: “Submitted for your Approval…” And, just as the old Twilight Zone veered often into unpleasant truths about the nature of Man, I think we may have stumbled into a chink in the considerable Obamacare armor. And, I think there may be a relatively simple way to make the whole ridiculous law hang from it’s own haphazardly constructed gibbet. There is | Read More »

    Pace Freddie Mercury, “Nothing Really Matters”…

    I don’t know how to tell you all this, but the gig is up. Obamacare is permanently cemented into the infinitely mammoth edifice of Washington. Even after nearly four years of “Republican” chest-thumping against it, the hilariously-named  “Affordable Care Act” will never go away –unless the long arm of societal upheaval reaches in, and strips it out. When it finally falls, it will take much | Read More »

    Theatre of the Ironic: Breaking Bad and Obamacare Are Shrieking Toward Vainglorious Endings on the Same Night…

    For a second or two this week, it seemed that the Republicans in the United States House of Representatives were poised to do the right thing: They sent the detestable Harry Reid a “continuing resolution” funding the Federal Government– without a single dime to continue implementing the foul scourge of federalized medicine. Finally, like watching the time-lapse video of a child developing in the womb, | Read More »

    “French Republicans”– Love It, Absolutely Love It!

    In a toss-off line just before a commercial break, nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Mark Levin quickly pondered with exasperation: “I don’t even know what to call these people; French Republicans?” He was, of course, referring to the GOP Surrender Monkeys in our midst, those antique Republicans who reflexively flinch at the mere mention of “Government Shut-Down” or who blanch in fear when Frank Luntz | Read More »

    You Know Something, Barack? Screw You…

    Barack Obama is utterly loathsome. “Search my soul,”  he intones, in his most sober, professorial condescension. In his world, we are all Americans, and, Lord Knows, Americans are by definition racist, stump-toothed cast-offs from the set-list of extras on Deliverance: An American court, in an American State, with an American Jury passed judgment about a case involving two Americans. Yep, it must be racist. Time | Read More »

    When Watergate Meets it’s Waterloo: Why Obamagate is Worse than Anything Nixon Ever Did…

    The comparison between Richard Nixon and Barack Obama are beginning to fester. A drib here, a drab there. Of course, for the rabid leftist Democrat partisans, no scandal –leastways, no Democrat scandal– can ever be as bad as Watergate. Of course, this is merely emblematic of the social-political landscape today, just more  intellectually lazy historical Cliffs Notes: Used-Car Salesman Richard Nixon, with his Five O’Clock | Read More »

    Republican: The American Citizen’s Party

    I manifestly dislike trendy jargon in all of it’s manifestations. Especially in politics. For example, some years ago, suddenly it became all the rage to refer to public spending reductions as “taking a hair-cut“. Everybody from Chris Dodd to the detestable Dame Pelosi were talking about “hair-cuts”. I started to feel like I was in some vast federal Barber Shop. Of course, who can forget | Read More »

    March 20, 2003: Operation Iraqi Freedom Ten Years On…

    Tomorrow marks the 10th Anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. At least, that is how we blandly refer to it –if we refer to at all: The Iraq War.  The years seem to flicker by, like an old misaligned Super 8 movie reel, where each frame is momentarily visible. Then it is gone. Such were the early years of the brand-new century. The | Read More »

    Especially Now, I will Never Purchase a Kindle. Not After THAT Ad…

    One of the interesting things about watching cable TV is discerning which demographic slices tune in to which channels. It isn’t difficult to figure out, really; For example, judging by the number of “Scooter Store” and blood glucose meter,  Polident, and Colonial Penn Life Insurance ads on Fox News, it would seem that it’s core audience is senior citizens that have eaten their teeth down to | Read More »

    Heart Attack Serious. Can you FEEL it?

    As the old aphorism goes: Knowledge is Power. But, another old aphorism is: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, does knowledge eventually corrupt? Don’t blithely answer that. In my view, it is a rather profound query. Adam and Eve had a snack from which tree again? Knowledge can be a tricky thing, actually. And it often trips up those of us on the | Read More »

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