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    Boom! TRUMP SWEEPS COLORADO! (Alternate Ending with Deleted Scenes)

    (AP) April 11, 2016  Ouray, Colorado. On Sunday evening, billionaire Real Estate Developer Donald J. Trump began his glide-path to the Republican National Convention by meeting with some of the grass-roots activists who have been so instrumental in his stunningly successful “outsider” campaign. Sitting at one of the high-top bar-stools at the Ouray Brewery, Donald J. Trump was in a “jolly” yet reserved mood as | Read More »

    Patrolling Muslim Neighborhoods with Ted Cruz…

    Break out the channel-locks and vice-grips: Some panties on the Glitterati Left are so all a-twist that they might never be unravelled. For those who missed it the sand-storm of non-stop Donald Trump Coverage, Ted Cruz —the loser— was actually discussing policy. I know, I know– creepy, isn’t it? In this age of restive youths who all seem to have “Mohammad” somewhere in their nom | Read More »

    Ooopsie! Donald Slipped Up on One of his Most Famous “Tweets”…

    The detestable Donald Trump has been quite slippery and cagey in the last several days– at least, from what us Trumplinologists can best determine from the bilgewater sluicing from the soil-pipes emanating from Trump Isengard. Follow the footprints in the snow: Today, Meester Trump was on one of the Sunday Gab-Fests (or, that is to say, his disembodied voice via telephone was) with Jonathon Karl. | Read More »

    You Sniveling Coward, I am Paying for This Microphone!

    From Ronald Reagan, An American Life: I decided I should explain to the crowd what the delay was all about and started to speak. As I did, an editor of the Nashua newspaper shouted to the sound man, “Turn Mr. Reagan’s microphone off.” Well, I didn’t like that—we were paying the freight for the debate and he was acting as if his newspaper was still sponsoring | Read More »

    Dude: Why Did George Soros Just Write ANOTHER Big Check to John Kasich?

    Dude: Why Did George Soros Just Write ANOTHER Big Check to John Kasich?

    Only five other entities have contributed more to the Kasich-linked New Day for America Political Action Committee than Soros Fund Management. Now –like the Church Lady might ask– “Why would that be, hmmm?” Not that it really matters, mind you, but George Soros recently wrote a second check to John Kasich for $115,000, bringing his total Kasich Philanthropy to over $210,000. Yes, yes, I know. | Read More »

    Tuff Luv For Ted: 1) Get Pissed Off; 2) Grow a Beard

    Sadly, many of us have been there. Very sadly… At some point, hopefully in our stupid, inglorious youth, we found ourselves in some crappy-ass hick, redneck bar at 2:30 in the morning… The house band (usually called “Pegasus” or “Stryker” or “HellFyer”) is packing up, the once-jammed dance-floor is awash in monitor cords, drum cases, mixer boards. A stray banquet chair incongruously sits there on | Read More »

    CLEVELAND, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: Why the Convention MUST get to a Second Ballot

    DON’T DRINK THE DRANO YET! The most important factoid yet, while I’m digging through all the stats: Donald Trump is wildly, wildly unpopular with Republican voters. Despite having amassed a plurality of the Primary Vote thus far, the Anti-Trump Vote is almost TWICE AS LARGE IN TOTAL TERMS: As of 11:06PM, March 15, the total votes cast thus far are: TRUMP:  6,492,202 EVERYONE ELSE:  11,378,071 | Read More »

    Screwtape’s Letters from the Trump Campaign…

    My Dear Wormwood,  * It was very refreshing to hear that your patient had recently become “confused” about the various terms being thrown around to describe what it means to believe in personal liberty. I especially like it when this confusion can be framed as Mere Conservatism. If any modifier can be attached to “conservative”, the more it helps our cause. I especially enjoy Mr. | Read More »

    DON’T LOOK NOW: The CBS/YouGov Poll Shows a 3-Way Tie in Ohio… And Cruz in Second in Florida…

    Really, now: Who really knows what any of this means; and I say “tie”advisedly if you factor in the Margin Of Error. OHIO:  TRUMP: 33%   KASICH: 33%   CRUZ: 27% FLORIDA:  TRUMP: 44%   CRUZ: 24%   RUBIO: 21% But, I think it does mean there is a powerful reason to believe that a Vote for Ted Cruz, is, well, a vote for Ted Cruz. In Florida, | Read More »

    Trump Admits He Rents Politicians; I wonder– How Much Did Palin, Drudge, Sessions & Carson Cost Donald?

    We are about to descend into madness, and I blame some putative “conservatives” for the rapid acceleration. Despite Hag Coulter’s scorn, there are alarming parallels between the rise of the recent Trump fevers, and the embryonic movements of Adolf Hitler in 1922 Bavaria. I won’t go into the too-obvious appeals to an amorphous Nationalism. Or the singling out of entire ethnic groups as enemies of | Read More »