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    It’s Not the “Blind Trust” so much…. It’s Trusting Blindly that’s Worrisome

    We cannot see the misty undercurrents of History. We paddle about on the surface of this gigantic ocean in our tiny boats, noting the waves, or the tips of sharks or icebergs as we float along–; But we do not comprehend the vast canyons and submerged mountain ranges far below… For example: On an unseasonably warm mid-June evening of 1972, a lone security guard –a | Read More »

    Poor Wittle Twump: Did the Big, Mean Weporter Say Bad Things to You? (Or, “Donald Ducks”)

    Chickenscat. We are on the eve of the most consequential Presidential election in over a generation, and what the hell are we talking about? Birth Certificates of candidate’s mothers, which candidates are “nasty”, which member of the Duck Dynasty family is endorsing whom, what Sarah Palin was wearing, and who can make the best “deals”, as if governing was like getting a better rate on | Read More »

    “America” –as Sung by Bernie Sanders

    Let us vote Sanders We’ll marry our sisters together I’ve got some Ganja here in my bag– Oooh… So, we rolled up some cigarettes and started wearing suits and ties, and walked off, to Bern down America…   “Trotsky,” I said as we boarded a jet for Managua– “Mao Zedong seems like a dream to me now…” “It took forty years to take down Siagon” | Read More »

    Donald Trump is a Poofy Haired Moron. What a Loser! I mean, C’mon– What is that– His Face, or a Nerf Ball?

    Alright, let’s get something on the table right now: What kind of a Jerk goes by “Donald”? All the Donalds I know –and I know lots and lots of Donalds, and they are all great, great men, believe me– go by “Don”, not “Donald”, Don Rickles, Don Johnson, Don Juan –who is Mexican, by the way, and I love Mexicans, but”Donald” is what sissy little | Read More »

    Facts, Damned Facts and Donald Trump

    So, then: Dorothy and Scarecrow, the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion are backed into a corner way atop the Wicked Witch of the West’s dark and foreboding tower; The oddly ethnic Tower Guardsmen are closing in with their scimitars and pitchfork-thingees. Somewhere in there, the Wicked Witch starts her broom on fire, and attempts to set the Scarecrow alight. A nearby bucket of water is | Read More »

    The Many Sweethearts of Donald Trump

    I have a casual, shrugging antipathy toward Donald Trump. Not a seething hatred, not a dumbfounded loathing. No, it’s a shrugging antipathy. I don’t get him, and I don’t really get people that do. Of course, this isn’t a new affliction. I’ve had it for years, ever since Donald McDonald’s mugging mug first glowered out from the cover of The Art of the Deal. As | Read More »

    Crossing the Continental Divide in a Grabber Blue Pinto, October 1980: The Preamble of a Ted Cruz Victory.

    Ah, well; That didn’t work out so well. Like too many others, the 1970’s were a mixed bag to him. My older brother graduated High School in 1973, the year Nixon folded the tents on the draft, so that wasn’t hanging over his head anymore. He noodled around for meaning in life beyond the rather dreary, daily, schlepping off to Community College later that fall. | Read More »

    Trump’s a Plant

    When was the last time a Democrat won the presidency on the merits of their ideas? It is a very rare occurrence, and has seldom happened in the long history of the republic. Woodrow Wilson slithered into his first term on a simple plurality only because of Teddy Roosevelt’s massive ego, and his splitting of the GOP vote with his one-time friend Big Bill Taft. | Read More »

    As the Old Euchre Player Would Say: “What’s Trump?”

    Well, for one thing, he’s not Ronald Reagan. Old-fashioned Stalinists had been seeping into Hollywood since the 1930’s, and Reagan began to notice, as time went on –and World Wars popped up– that there was a virulent new strain of Anti-Americanism abroad in his industry. Patriotic Democrat politics was no longer the simple dime-store emotional collectivist appeals of Franklin Roosevelt– no, some of these people, | Read More »

    Don we now our Gay Apparel

    To begin the long claw-back to American Greatness, a single Senator can stand up, and give the following speech: “Mister President– I rise today to offer a simple Amendment to our beloved constitution. I am hopeful, given the progressive nature of this august body, that we will quickly pass this amendment, relay it to our colleagues in the House of Representatives, and send it out | Read More »