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    This Generation’s Bonhoeffer is Among Us… Tragically

      It started with his opening homily before a “marriage” ceremony… “I would like to welcome you all to New Life Harvest Church. We have all come to witness the union between Michelle and Tiffany. “I yearn to say we ‘celebrate’ this union, but, as the Pastor, and founding member of this Church, I cannot celebrate something that is an affront to almost all of | Read More »

    Can I Ask an Obvious Question?

    If the recent “troubles” (borrowing the Irish sobriquet) in Baltimore were a response to “police brutality”… …why didn’t the rioters burn down Police Headquarters? A: That’s where they keep the guns. It might get a bit dicey. If the excitable “kids” were “protesting” the “power structure”… …why didn’t the rioters burn down City Hall? A: Because this isn’t about the “power structure”. If it were, | Read More »

    Of Geese and Ganders

    Okay, okay. We all know that the Democrat Party media oracles are all shameless shills for the Tyranny Movement. There is nothing new in any of this: We know they pour their ideology into whatever ill-fitting pantsuit (or Dumbo Ears) who comes along. We know they will guard and protect that ideology as if it were the Ark of the Covenant. Thus, we know they | Read More »

    Speaking of Going Both Ways…

        It’s quite easy to picture, really… I live in a part of the country that has been voted by various adjudicators (The Today Show, National Geographic, etc, etc,) as one of the most beautiful places in the nation. Thus, it started out as a place peopled by rugged, manly, reticent, individualistic pioneers– who were, in their turn, replaced by middle-class vacationers, who were | Read More »

    Who Can Seriously Doubt Barack Obama Loves America?

    I will say it flat out. Barack Obama Loves America. He loves it all. Like the White House– He loves his taxpayer-subsidized government housing. He loves being able to host -without having to pay one cent out of his own pocket– everyone from Toni Braxton to Cyndi Lauper to Paul McCartney, and have them play songs for him, and fawn over him. He loves the | Read More »

    With a Nod to Mikeymike, Ted Cruz is Deh Man

    Who is this man? In an attempt to jog your memory, I will begin by saying he was the Jeb Bush of the 1980 election season  By early 1979, he was swaggering about the country, vacuuming up the wealthy donor palm-grease like an Oreck-XL. He was the man to beat. He’d been a Secretary of the Treasury. He’d been a Secretary of the Navy…. C’mon, | Read More »

    Navy Corpse-men, Attention! October is “Breast Awareness Month”– So Visit Your OBee-Geiny, and Get Checked for E-Bowl-Eye

    Dan Quayle misspells “tomato”, and you’d think it was grounds for impeachment. Sarah Palin references “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue”, and it clearly disqualifies her as a carbon-based life-form. Barack Obama can talk about “breathalyzers” and correct it to “inhalators” when he really means “inhalers”, and it’s chalked up to long, grueling days on the campaign trail for an otherwise brilliant orator. Joe Biden can claim “Jobs” | Read More »

    Land, Ho!

         What, exactly, is the compelling reason that Terry Lynn Land should be a senator? More presicely, why should she be MY senator? In a nation with 310 million souls, she’s among the best we can find, eh? Alright, she has a “musical name”– at least, that’s George Will’s Aristotelian pronouncement. Granted, her name is better in that department than,  say,  Mike Cox or Dick | Read More »


    In a much-previous life, I was both a candidate for, and an office-holder in, “public service”. Let me tell you: The “candidate” part was –at least, in the context of the Obama Presidency– the most instructive. By far. As soon as my election documents were filed with the Secretary of State, I was called by the Local Bugle. Literally– I was driving home from the | Read More »

    John Wayne Gacy was a Chicago Machine Democrat. Oh, and so is Barack Obama

    John Wayne Gacy was one of the most foul, ghastly, human monsters to ever slither across this earthly firmament. The depths of his rotted, fetid soul was an infinite cesspool of the most repugnant man-scented nightmares. He was the absolute embodiment of undiluted Evil. The hand seen shaking Roslyn Carter’s  is the same hand that snuffed the life out of some 4o young men for | Read More »