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    Conservatism is still Loved. The Republican Brand is Distrusted…

    Noodling around the internet tonight, I came across some enlightening information quarried from the sacred Exit Polls: Evidently, a significant number of previously self-identified “independents” as poll respondents were formerly “Republican”. This fact skewed the number of the Republican-leaning actually being polled, and improperly inflated the “republican” response (–remember all the hooey about Romney “winning” independents by such-and-such a number?). This caused certain quarters to | Read More »


    For all these many years –years in which I’ve had a political cognizance– there always lurked an off-hand comment: “Things are fine now, but, someday the recipient class will outnumber the productive class– and there will be no turning back.” Last night was that “someday”. It is useless to speculate about the myriad “why’s?”: Romney was too this, Obama too that. Obama had more field | Read More »

    There Must Be 50 Reasons to Leave Your Leader…

    Think Joe Sestak, Jack BP Oil Spill, Bill No Time for Tupelo, Mo 57 States, Nate Stimulus, Gus Camden Police, Niece… Fast ‘N Furious Guns, Hon… Ignoring DOMA, Wilma… Rogue EPA, Ray… Elana Kagan, Nagin… Appointments to the NLRB, Lee… Ignoring Nashville, Will…. Foreign Campaign Cash, Dash… War Powers Act, Mack.. No New Jobs, Bob… $4-Dollar Gas, Lass… Bailouts for Cars, Lars Marriage for Gays, | Read More »

    An Election Pre Post-Mortum

    Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz. Bobby Jindahl. Jim DeMint. Susanah Martinez. Rand Paul. Sarah Palin. Mike Pence. Rick Santorum. Nikki Haley. Bob McDonnell. David Vitter. Alan West… The strength, the passion, the intellectual rigor, the very life, in our political body-politic is all on the right. Specifically, the conservative right. When Barack Obama loses next Tuesday –and he will– the Modern Democrat Party will resemble nothing | Read More »

    Can We Get Real for a Second? Doesn’t Gloria Allred Kinda “Fit” Her Name?

    And, isn’t she everything you detest (and I mean detest) about the Modern Democrat Party? Camera hog…  loud…  obnoxious… full of self-puffery…. Ambulance chaser, defense bar. Mole. Self-loathing Jewess (-being half-Jewish myself, I know ‘em when I see ‘em) Agitator for imaginary grievances. C’mon, Gloria: How’s that representation for Sharon (Sounds Like) Bialek going, eh? I’ll bet you’re fighting that one all the way to | Read More »

    Debbie Stabenow: Hall Monitor (An Emblematic Tale of A Modern Democrat)

    Who the heck is this guy? I’ll get to him in a moment. In the meantime, keep his visage under the microscope of your brain: The angry scowl, the fleshy countenance, the greasy long hair. He is the Modern Democrat Party. Literally. He is also the Democrat Party of 45 years ago. And he is a lifelong friend of Debbie Stabenow. Now, I don’t believe | Read More »

    My Wistful Dreams of RedState…

    Ah, yes, I remember when… My mouse would wander over to the RedState icon on my favorites bar, and I would click… Heartlander would have an incredibly moving story about the unspoken and devastating effects of abortion, and the diary would have fifty-some “Recommenders”, and a comment thread that would wind on and on. The thread would feature a flame-war between aesthete and Tbone that | Read More »

    A Few Quick Debate Tips For Mitt from an Old Pro…

    I know Governor Romney has every high-priced debate consultant in the Washington phone book on retainer. But, I hope they remember a couple of basics: 1) Answer Yes or No questions “Yes” or “No”. Don’t hesitate, don’t equivocate. Then: 2) Have four or five points you want to get across to the audience, and then get them across. Once you have quickly dispatched the question | Read More »

    Barack Obama: A President for “100% of the People” (–Unless You Live in One of the 11 States He’s Never Even Visited)

    Obama’s self-delusion was in high dudgeon the other day, when he let loose with a sanctimonious homily on Letterman about how a guy elected president represents “100% of the American People”. The subtext, of course, was that Mitt Romney –the cad– is only casting about trying to snare the 53% of Americans that might pay taxes, but only because they are millionaires and billionaires. But | Read More »

    Quemoy, Matsu, Soviet Domination in Eastern Europe and Newt’s Open Marriage…

    So, Mitt Romney’s campaign bandwagon is stuck in the mud, in the cowpie-ridden fields of some Flyover Battleground State. Quick! Fire Stu Whatsisname! Concentrate on the “messaging”! Pull that TV ad! Run this TV ad! PANIC! Change the Polling “screens”! (-Why? Too many moths getting in the room, and eating up the argyles?) For heaven’s sake, head for the hills! Easy now. Calm down. Concentrate, | Read More »