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    Linus Had It Right.

    This is what Christmas is all about. It’s easy to forget, amid all the shopping, and the cooking, and yes, even the lame duck politics, but Christmas should always be about Christ. We give gifts, but we should always remember the greatest gift ever given: God’s own Son, who willingly came to earth to die on a cross to reconcile us to the Father. Could | Read More »

    Obama Seeks to “Normalize” Relations with Cuba

    Fresh from The Hill: President Obama will announce Wednesday that the U.S. is beginning talks with Havana to normalize full diplomatic relations with Cuba following the release of a U.S. prisoner jailed for five years by the country. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) in a press released hailed the decision to seek a normalization of relations with Cuba, while the Associated Press reported the U.S. would | Read More »

    Rolling Stone UVa Rape Story Continues to Unravel

    This story has kind of slipped off the radar recently, but this development is worth noting. Three friends of the alleged University of Virginia rape victim are growing more skeptical about her account, saying they have doubts about information she gave them and why she belatedly tried to get herself deleted from the Rolling Stone article that engulfed their campus in controversy. The friends say | Read More »

    Second Amendment support rising amongst blacks

    One wonders if the Ferguson aftermath had something to do with this (emphasis mine): Support for gun rights is higher than it’s been in decades, according to the latest data from the Pew Research Center that signals a stunning turnaround in how Americans feel about the issue just two years after the Newtown school shooting. Pew found that 52 percent of Americans say Second Amendment | Read More »

    State Department Dragging Its Feet On Hillary Papers

    When the Associated Press complains that a government agency is delaying releasing documents, you know there’s something really wrong. WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department has failed to turn over government documents covering Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state that The Associated Press and others requested under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act ahead of her presumptive presidential campaign. They include one request | Read More »

    South Texas College Professor Compares Tea Party With Nazis

    Via The College Fix comes the following video of a professor likening the Tea Party with the Nazi Party. He also explains that someday people will realize Tea Partiers are just a bunch of nuts, just like they eventually realized the Nazis were a bunch of nuts. Obviously, this professor has never looked at the full name of the Nazi Party, which was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche | Read More »

    If We Are to Automatically Believe Rape Accusations…

    …then I take it that the Washington Post now accepts Juanita Broadrick’s allegation that she was raped by one William Jefferson Clinton? And do they also accept the allegation that Al Gore attempted to rape a masseuse in Portland, OR? It is true that the allegation first came up in the National Enquirer, but Zerlina Maxwell didn’t say anything about the credibility of the source | Read More »

    Whites Asked Not To Participate In “Die-In”

    Merriam-Webster defines “racism” as “racial prejudice or discrimination.” Cambridge defines it as “the unfair treatment of someone because of his or her race” The University of Missouri seems to define it as “business as usual.” In an email regarding a “die-in” at U of M, they requested that “only people of color be the ones to [die].” Whites were told they could come but were | Read More »

    Democrat Mayor Encourages Vote Fraud On Video

    Why does it take the British press to uncover something like this? A Louisiana mayor whose son is Democratic ‘s chief of staff told voters at a private event to vote twice, speaking to a partisan crowd 24 hours before Election Day last month. Video of Opelousas, Louisiana Mayor Don Cravins Sr.’s Nov. 3 remarks show him telling a crowd in his home town that | Read More »

    Don’t Cop Lives Matter Too?

    Don't Cop Lives Matter Too?

    In the aftermath of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson, a new meme has emerged: “Black Lives Matter.” And, of course, they’re right, every life is a gift from our Heavenly Father, and thus matters. However, if one looks at the established facts of the incident in question, it appears to this observer that Wilson’s life was also in danger. | Read More »