Conservative cartoonist, legal US citizen & TEA Party member


    Breitbart’s Ghost

    Nothing scares Liberals more than exposure of their true motives. Socialism’s slow, stealthy march through the judiciary and educational institutions can only continue if Americans are not paying attention.  Media today largely orchestrate distractions here while politicos can steal liberties there.  Journalism had been replaced with propaganda. And then Breitbart came along.  In a life cut short, this one man counted more coup vs. Liberals | Read More »

    Steve Jobs Reality Check

    A perspective on Jobs’ death from beyond the cult. To most of the non-Apple public, Jobs seemed aloof and strange – a shadowy idea tycoon who tacitly loathed the system he so richly profited from.  As a non-Apple person, I look upon his lauding with a bit of disappointment.   It is similar to the frenzy of praise that accompanied Michael Jackson.  Most of America barely | Read More »

    President “Gutsy” Is there any reasonable person alive who would not have made the same “gutsy” call? I would have taken him out in the middle of Red Square at noon on a workday if I had a positive ID. Further, it would be logical for a president to have standing orders to kill or capture OBL if there was an opportunity. No need for “agonizing.” | Read More »

    Non-Battle Fatigue

    GOP “Victory” Cartoon Non-Battle Fatigue … of the Conservative base. I feel like Lincoln must have felt at the beginning of the Civil War when he could not find generals who would fight. It is frustrating and exhausting being keyed up to battle liberalism and then being told time and time again: “this is not the fight,” “next one,” “let’s keep our powder dry,” “This | Read More »