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    Waiting for a Leader to Emerge

    Deep into a second term, Barack Obama is determined to double down on his failed agenda. Virtually everything he says is designed to mislead, undercut, and harm the fabric of our nation. The public is slowly coming to realize the reality behind his rhetoric, and is not liking what they see. They are tired of being lied to, and they want the truth. A turn | Read More »

    Emerging Consensus that LBJ Killed JFK?

    More than a thousand books have been written on the John F. Kennedy assassination, yet there remains much controversy as to what happened that day in Dallas. To the casual observer, the Warren Commission’s narrative of three shots in six seconds by a lone gunman may appear to be plausible. Search a bit below the surface, however, and you find many inconsistencies that call into | Read More »

    Florida Legislator Seeks to Amend U.S. Constitution

    Are you happy with the way the federal government is operating? If not, are you interested in helping us change the way Washington DC operates? These are questions Florida Senator Alan Hays of Lake County asks everyone as he strives to gather interest in amending the U.S. Constitution. The Founders knew the federal government might one day become overbearing and abuse its power. Sen. Hays | Read More »

    Why America is Exceptional

    The United States is the most dynamic and powerful nation in world history.  No major issue of global peace or stability can be resolved without involvement by the United States.  This state of affairs did not occur by accident.  It is testimony of the exceptional nature of this land and its people. To be an American is to be different from other nationalities. From colonial times through the | Read More »

    Mr. Rubio goes to Washington

    Sen. Marco Rubio has many fine qualities. He is a genuinely nice guy. His conservative attitude is genuine, and his gift of expression is exceptional. The enthusiasm he brings to the conservatives and the Republican Party has been wonderful. He holds the right core beliefs, and he has the potential to be the voice for a new generation of conservatives. In 2010, I campaigned for | Read More »

    Women Have No Business in Combat

    The Obama Administration is forcing the military to assign female soldiers into combat infantry roles. In a future engagement, the result is certain to be additional lost lives and possibly failure on the battlefield. The average man taking the Army Physical Fitness Test does better than 95 percent of the women. Today’s Space-Age military may seem to need only push-button level strength requirements. However, modern | Read More »

    America in Need of Revival

    We live in and age of unbelief. We live with America in decline. We are no longer the America of our founders, or even the America that existed twenty years ago. Collectively, we are more secular, with ever-increasing faith in government, and decreasing faith in God. The consequences of which are already showing. The culture must change. We need a spiritual revival. We need a | Read More »

    Was Election a Tipping-Point?

    The unraveling of the American social fabric has now reached critical mass. Barack Obama has succeeded in radically transforming America, and the slide is now gaining speed. For the first time in United States history, constitutionally minded conservatives are the minority of the electorate. The demographics behind the election results are ominous for what it portends. Where we have always been a Center-Right nation politically, | Read More »

    You Lie, Mr. President!

    Vladimir Lenin once said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” In the electronic age, the left has hammered this theory home harder than ‘ol Vlad could have ever imagined. Every day for two weeks, Team Obama and their media cronies repeatedly told the story of the anti-Muslim video inciting a riot in Benghazi causing the death of our Libyan ambassador and three other | Read More »

    America After Obama

    Barack Obama has gone from the “one we’ve been waiting for” to the one we can’t wait to kick out. No one ever thought one man could bring the nation to its knees, but here he is living in the White House. And on our knees we have been praying for the day that he leaves. The audacity of a president hell-bent on destroying our | Read More »